Friday, February 8, 2013


So... Hi. 

Yeah, it's been a little over a week since I have written anything or even thought about it, if I'm being honest. A couple of weeks ago I got sick and, I lovingly (literally and figuratively as I can't keep from kissing my boys hundreds of times a day) passed it on to my boys. When I am sick, life keeps on going. When they are sick it is a lot of cuddles, nose suction-ing, along with more cuddling. Which means, no blogging! So, today I am going to jump on the confessions bandwagon and get some random thoughts flying around me head out there. Lucky you! 

I confess that I am loving all the pink and red right now. I don't have that much around these parts due to all of the testosterone flowing, so it's fun for me to bring it out :) I also confess that I am seriously obsessed with the whip cream/coffee combo. So much so that I don't even buy creamer anymore! 

I confess that I am really, REALLY wanting to paint Cade's room grey, which is crazy seeing how long I spent figuring out a green to go with. Matt says absolutely not, so we shall see ;)

I confess that these two just about kill me with their sweet moments. They are coming much more often these days, and from both sides.

I confess that we took Cade's shirt off the other night and put leg warmers on his arms to practice crawling normally. He was NOT happy about it, but was ok when he could look at himself in my iphone. I also confess that I just want to kiss that sweet mouth and cheeks through the screen. I'm not biased at all ;)

I confess that bath time has easily become my favorite part of the day. These boys would live in the tub if I let them! But, seeing their joy for something so simple rubs off on me and I find myself looking forward to that time. 

I confess that although Cade is still a baby, I am already feeling baby fever coming on. I heard a newborn crying at the doctors office last week and it just about made me cry. Why does that time go by so fast? It's actually funny to me that I miss that sound seeing how Cade did it for about 2 months straight, but I do. Thankfully, I am going to get a little fix next week with one of my best friends baby girl!! 

I confess that I am a little nervous about this trip to Arkansas I am making this weekend.. by myself..with both boys. It's normally a 6 hour drive. Any bets on how long it is going to take me??

I confess that when Cade frowns because I have told him "no" or because he thinks I got hurt is the funniest and most pitiful thing all at once. See for yourself...

Bless. He looks like a little old man with his teeth out. Love. 

Have a good weekend!


April said...

Wiping noses is a full time job...and I just have one. LOL I hope you have a safe and easy trip!

the norman family said...

your two boys are the cutest things.

girl, i have had baby fever for weeks and jude isn't even five months old! yikes! but babies are just the most precious little blessings ever!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that coffee mug! And, seriously, I am going to have to try the whip cream thing in my coffee! Sounds amazing!

I love this post! I have baby fever too, and mine is only 6 months! Is that too early?? ;)


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