Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tired, but so thankful

You know that feeling you get in your throat and nose that just feels...well, sick? I started getting that Sunday night, but was so hopeful that it would be nothing. When I woke up Monday morning, I realized it was here to stay for a few days. And let me just tell you. Parenting is hard. Parenting while sick is ridiculously hard! Let's just say the no TV rule has been thrown out the window this week! 

It would be easy to just lay around with Connor. He is all about some cuddling (Let's just pretend for a second that it is because he likes to cuddle with me.. not that he is getting to watch TV..mmkay?). His little brother, on the other hand, is not. The second I would sit on the couch with him, this is what would happen.

Obviously, he is feeling better! So, I was telling Matt last night that Cade's well child check up the questionnaire you have to feel out was kind of a slap in the face. A lot of the interaction questions I had no clue, because I didn't do them with him often enough or just didn't know from not paying attention. Here are two that stuck out to me the most. The first was if he responded accurately to common requests without you giving him any physical indication of what you were talking about. The examples were, "Come Here" and "give it to me". Well, I wasn't sure, so I tested out the come here and he about jumped off the table into my arms (that weren't reached out, of course) Marked that one of the list easily. The next was if he participated in any games like Peek-a-Boo, So Big or clapping without you having to show him. Ummm, that one I knew where to check. The big, fat Not Yet. Why? Because I never do any of those things with him! I mean, don't get me wrong. We play peek a boo and we clap for him a lot, but not enough to where he could actually learn from it, I think. So, in the past couple of days I started teaching him So big. Dude picked it up within 2 days. Oops. 

In starting this I can already tell that Connor is going to help me teach him everything. He is constantly repeating me and cheering him on. Such a good big brother! He also answers almost every question for him, which should prove to be interesting! I see so much of me in that strong willed, take charge little guy! 

So, onto the meaning behind the title..besides this sickness making me ridiculously tired (like pregnant tired, although I am NOT pregnant), we got little to no sleep last night. We didn't go to bed until 11ish (I have turned into a crazy night owl and it is killing me. Someone please tell me why I am wide awake at 10 every night?!) and then Connor woke up screaming.. not crying.. actual screaming at 1:45. Talk about a jolt out of bed! It was one of those that shook me to my core! I got him back down only to be woken up by the loudest siren on earth coming from my phone. It was a weather alert telling us to take cover due to tornado warnings in our area. Turns out there was one located about 3 miles (i think) from us and our phones started ringing like crazy. I love our close knit family! We got the boys out of the bed and climbed into our tiny little bathtub. Of course, the boys were ready to PAR-TAY and Connor kept asking me why the water wasn't on, why we were in the bath tub in our jamas, all while Cade was pulling everything off the sides around me. That was around 3:15 and we didn't get back in bed until 5. My poor husband had to get up an hour later to go to work. I have never been scared of tornados.. Growing up in Arkansas, I was kind of used to them. THEN, you have kids. All I could think about while sitting in that tub was what was the best way for me to throw myself on top of them if needed. So, I might be tired today, but we are safe and that is all that matters! I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many tornado scares this season due to the crazy weather we have had. So, if you need me, I'll be the one digging a huge hole in the ground for my concrete storm shelter! 


April said...

Bless your heart! You all seem to have had the rounds with sickness. I totally do the same thing though when I feel bad and when I was sooo exhausted a few weeks ago in my 1st trimester. We watched lots of Chuggington and Thomas but I didn't care. Sometimes you have to just survive! We had the scary storms here last night but they were over by 3 a.m. but I'm several miles west of you I think. We never got any warnings besides a thunderstorm one but the wind was horrible. So thankful you are all ok!

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Howard said...

Those surveys are SO hard with twins. I can never remember which child has done which milestones. Don't feel bad at all. You're such a good mommy! And, seriously, I've never heard of a child dying from a couple hours of TV. =) I know we feel like awful moms when we do that, but what kind of moms are we when we are stretched too thin? Hang in there, friend!!

Katie said...

Oh my!! I bet you are tired. I'm feeling ya on the parenting while fun at all!! Get some rest momma!


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