Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I cannot believe that yesterday was Valentine's Day! How is February already half way over?! We had school yesterday, so I got everything set up the night before so that I didn't feel like we missed out on any celebrating! 

I was so excited Connor's cute shirt from Pumpkin Butter Kids (who is on maternity leave until the summer to have her baby boy, but you can have her shop notify you when she is back :) !!) fit again this year. Since I didn't have one for Connor's first Valentines, that means Cade didn't either, but I thought he looked mighty handsome in that red sweater! That boy can wear just about any color and pull it off! 
That little smile you see on Connor is his new thing. I love how he does that with his top lip. I can't even do it, but it is so sweet to me!

The mornings we go to school are HECTIC, so I made their pancakes the night before. I was a little worried that Connor would be hesitant, but brother gobbled them up before I could even put syrup on them! Cade, of course, never gets syrup and as you can see didn't even look at me for a picture before diving into his! I love doing things like this for them and that bottom right picture of Connor makes it all worth it. 
We had a long afternoon once we got home. The boys are STILL snotty and were not feeling good. Matt had something he had to get done after work, which put him home an hr later than normal. I called him telling him that that big white flag he saw waving was me. I was surrendering! HA! 

Thankfully, once Daddy got home all was well and we proceeded with the night. Isn't that how it always goes? While supper was finishing up, we gave the boys their little presents. 

Like I said last year, I am keeping up with the tradition of a Baskin Robbins Ice cream cake like we had growing up. I think it is just as much for me as them, though. Poor little deprived Cade didn't get any, of course, but his time is coming. He instead devoured an entire sloppy joe. The child loves to eat! 

Whew. I am tired, Cade has snot pouring out of his nose. Just keeping it real, huh?! 

My sweet husband did make my night soo much better by coming in with a sweet card and Starbucks gift card. He told me he thought I'd like that better than flowers. Truer words have never been spoken ;)  I totally was not expecting anything, so I was very surprised! 

Hope y'all had a wonderful day and got to celebrate with your loved ones! 

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!


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