Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can you pass me my walker, please?

My friend, Chesley, had been trying to talk me into doing boot camp for a couple of weeks and I finally bit the bullet and went with her this past Saturday. I was feeling pretty confident in my strength when I still wasn't sore that afternoon. Theeen I woke up Sunday morning. And overnight my calves and chest muscles had been filled with lead. By Sunday night, I was almost in hysterics (laughing, not crying) I was so sore. At one point I tried to stand up from sitting on the ground and almost fell back down! Let's not even go into detail about how it hurt to do a scrubbing motion while washing the dishes. Not to mention hoisting a 20 1/2 lb baby around. Then I wake up Monday morning and pretty much have to shuffle around because it hurts my calves to walk normally. Needless to say, I'm hooked! I do think I am going to wait until I can walk normally before I go back, though! 

We had another nice, relaxing weekend at home. On a whim, I put Cade in the bathtub with Connor without putting him in any sort of baby tub. I'm pretty sure my heart exploded because of the cuteness. 

As you can see in the bottom two pictures, they are really good at taking toys away from each other. This is something that I know is only going to get worse! 

Saturday morning Connor woke up and only had one sticker left to fill up his chart. After cleaning up his toys, he got to put that last sticker on. He got SO excited! 

Of course, rookie mom here didn't even think about the fact that most jump places would be "closed" to the public for birthday parties. Thankfully, my sweet boy was ok with it. That and Rowen stopped by and that distracted him. They had so much fun. Connor was running around like normal and Rowen was just dying laughing at him. Connor ate that up, as usual. I had never heard Rowen laugh so hard, so I was loving it, too! 

I really wish I would have taken a video of him talking. He talks a million miles a minute in his own little language and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! You can just tell he is taking everything in and then telling you about it! He is going to be one smart... and talkative.. little boy! 

That night, Matt and I had our date night for the week. It was his turn to pick it out. He wanted to make a dessert and play Mario Kart. I joked with him that he must like to lose, since he has never beaten me. 

Therefore, I decided to let him win... ALL of them. ;) Ugh. He made sure to take a picture of it to redeem himself from the loss of Scrabble. I told him I would MUCH rather win a game that you actually have to use your brain! 

To redeem ourselves from the jump place mishap, Matt took Connor to play golf with him on Sunday. He had a BLAST! I'm so glad that they have something like that that they will be able to do together forever! I also think it's pretty special that Matt will take him on something that is very important to him. Because we all know that nothing is as relaxing with a toddler in tow! So proud my boys have him as their daddy!!!

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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the norman family said...

your date nights are the cutest things ever! I just emailed my hubby to tell him we need more fun date nights like y'all!


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