Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Tour 2012: Santa Claus is coming!!!

Like I mentioned in the last Christmas post, we came home on Christmas Eve so that we could be at our house on Christmas morning. Before I venture through our Christmas Eve fun, let's take a quick look at our visit with Santa. 

There isn't a picture out there that portrays their personalities any better. I could do a whole post on how Connor's reaction broke my heart. It took me a good 2 weeks to get over it! It just made me so sad for him! After I picked him up, in between sobs, he started to tell Santa what he wanted. He was trying so hard to tell him the few things he had been talking about for weeks. Thankfully, he settled down as soon as we walked away and hopefully he will forget about it by Christmas :)

On Christmas Eve, we made a big deal out of leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Connor kept saying, "Santa is going to like his milk!" 

Santa came as soon as the boys went to bed :) He was ready!!! The only thing Connor really asked for was Buddy, which is the little orange dinosaur you see in the picture. I figured this would probably be the last year Santa shopping would be so easy! (Besides the fact that I couldn't find that crazy dinosaur ANYWHERE and finally had to order it from Amazon the week before Christmas.)

The next morning Connor woke up and the first thing he said to me when I walked in his room was, "SANTA'S HERE?!?!" He was so excited, yet still waited so patiently while I fed Cade. 

The one thing I was MOST excited about him opening was his Buzz Lightyear costume. I just knew it would be something he would love!
In the middle picture he is saying, "Look, Cade. I grew up to be Buzz!"
The rest of the morning we just played with their new toys and relaxed. 

We watched the Disney Parade and it fully solidified my complete and utter excitement to go to Disney World! Connor was totally captivated! 

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with our little family. We are so blessed to see Christmas through those 2 set of sweet eyes and look forward to so many more! 

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April said...

So sorry Connor had a bad Santa experience this year! I really thought we would too but I guess we just got lucky. I think they get so nervous when the actual time comes and that can be a scary feeling for them. Hopefully next year will be better. :) What cute pics and love the Buzz outfit.


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