Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One of those days

Whew. Today has been one of those days that started off like that from the beginning. I stayed up way too last last night (thank you wonderful cup of coffee I had at supper) and Connor woke up bright and early at 5:15. He came back to bed with me after a quick restroom run, which wouldn't have been a big deal except he didn't want to lay anywhere but directly on top of me. And I don't know if you have tried to sleep with 35 pounds on top of you, but it wasn't happening for me. Once we got up for the day he was so whiny and I do not do whiny. I ended up yelling at him before it was even 7 am and my attitude just kind of went downhill after that. It was my fault I was tired and here I was taking it out on a 2 1/2 year old. Ding, Ding, Ding! Mother of the year, right here! 

I hate having these days. The days where you feel like you suck at pretty much everything. It leads me to feeling overwhelmed and, just like whiny, I don't do overwhelmed. It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure our clothes dirty themselves in our sleep and all hop their way over to the dirty clothes hamper, because didn't I just do 5 loads yesterday? I think they also rouse the dust bunnies out of their sleep, because I know I dusted in between loads, too, and now it looks like it has snowed inside the house on every piece of furniture we have. Don't even get me started on the floors. If you need to know how clean or not clean your floors are, let your baby crawl around and look at his shirt afterwards. Like I said, OVERWHELMED! 

And trust me, I know I am blessed to have these problems. I am blessed we have enough clothes to make a pile so large. I am blessed we have furniture to get dusty. I am blessed that my baby boy is able to crawl around on my dirty floors. I am blessed my house is so dirty because that means that I have two precious babies that keep me busy. Two precious babies that mean the world to me and I get to stay home with. I know all that, yet, I still have those overwhelming feelings. 

Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day. I don't care if I have to sing "THS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE. I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT" over and over again. It is going to be a NEW DAY! Can I get an amen?!

And just because we all need a little laugh after I just spilled my heart all over this page, a little outtake of our Christmas card image. 
DSC_0424 Now that's a face that just screams "Merry Christmas" if I've ever seen one! I'll share the actual picture after I get on the ball and get some more stamps to send the last few out!

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April said...

I don't get to stay home with Jonah but I still have those days and mornings. And I don't do whiney either. It is the biggest thing we are working on right now. That picture is absolutely precious!


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