Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ready or not... he comes! My sweet little Cade is trying his hardest to start scooting and crawling. This boy has not enjoyed being a baby his entire life! He has wanted to do things early from the beginning! I can already see how my world is going to change OH SO MUCH once he does start. He is already to the point where I can't leave him on the floor for long because he will finagle himself halfway under the couch or get a foot underneath the entertainment center. I can only imagine how it is going to be when he starts getting into things. I took this video last Friday and it is crazy how much more he is doing even today.

I think one of his biggest motivators is his big brother. He wants everything Connor has. We were in church a few weeks ago and Cade was sitting in Matt's lap and Connor was in mine. Cade was not facing us, but was arching and twisting his entire body around to try to get Connor's flashcards he was looking at. He is a little swiper! It already drives Connor crazy, and as much as my world is about to be rocked, so is his! In fact, I hear, "No, Cade. That is mines" quite a bit. We are working on that ;) 

A few days ago I put them both in Connor's bed to play so that I could prop Cade up and not worry about him falling over so I could take pictures :) It was actually Connor's idea, as he loves putting Cade in his "cwib" with him. He was all, "Cade. Come get in my's cwib. Come and pway wif me." (side note: the come and pway wif me?? seriously, my fav right now. Gets me every time!)

He was telling him about each animal and how that was Noah's boat. Essentially teaching him a bible lesson. He didn't even care that Cade was all up in his business. He was teaching and, well, Connor likes to teach/be the boss. 

That is until swiper went in for the swipe. Notice how Connor's hand is getting ready to block it. And notice how Cade's mouth is one of determination and intent. This, my friends, is only going to get more interesting from here on out! 

I feel so unbelievably blessed that I am able to watch this relationship between my boys grow. It never fails to make my heart want to burst out of my chest! 

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April said...

They are precious! I love the swipe pic! I think two little boys would be so fun....most of the time. LOL


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