Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney on Ice

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we took Connor to Disney on Ice. Poor guy did not feel well and I was seriously just waiting for him to get sick while we were there. That didn't keep his excitement at bay, though. He was primed and ready to see big Buzz! 

One of Connor's new things is that if he is watching something, he also wants to be holding/playing with something that correlates. So, this time it was his Toy Story book. It cracks me up that he does that. 

As soon as we got in, we went to our seats to scope them out. He kept saying, "Big Buzz is getting ready." 

 Overall, he liked everything. Toy Story was the last one, and it was his obvious favorite. 

Just like everything else we do, I loved getting to see it through his eyes. Thank you, Gammie for taking us and for adding to our precious memories with our baby boy!

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April said...

I really wanted to go to Disney on Ice and take Jonah but I just felt he was probably too little for that. He is 2. How old is Connor? Glad you all had a good time!


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