Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cade is 6 months old!

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet Cade! 
This past month has been so much fun seeing you learn new things and interact with us even more. I never dreamed we would ever have a happier baby than your brother, but I think you might be! You smile when people love on you. You smile when people talk to you. Goodness, you smile when people look at you. 

You love for me to say "Ma Ma, Da Da, and Bub Ba". You especially love it when I say it into your tiny little palm to feel the vibrations. You will just laugh and laugh. You finally found your toes. You still don't bring your legs up and hold onto them much. It's because you are the least limber baby I have ever been around! Stiff as a board! 

Your eyes. Oh, you have the most soulful eyes. You are going to break some hearts with those eyes. When we are "talking" to each other you will look right into my eyes and I can literally feel the connection. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. 

The way you form your mouth when you are talking might be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I kiss those sweet lips and cheeks at least 50 times a day. I'm pretty sure you have started giving kisses and they are so precious to me. 

You are sitting up so well and while you still fall over occasionally, you love to sit up and play with your big brother. You have become increasingly aware of what he is doing and, to you, there is nothing better than that. 

this is one of those pictures that I KNOW I'll look back on and cherish and one that I know I'll have a similar version when they are bigger.

You are constantly trying to crawl. If you are on the floor, you are on your tummy pulling those knees up. You can pull yourself forward very slowly with your arms, but I think those days are numbered. You are still a rolly-polly, rolling all over the place.

When I say you are happy, I truly mean it. The only time you are fussy is if you are tired. You have also started to realize that when I am not in your view that I might have left the room. When I wake you up in the morning to feed you, I usually rub your stomach or cheeks and un wrap you and let you stretch. While you are doing that, I will go turn off your sound machine. Sometimes you will let out the most pitiful little cry because you think that I have left the room again. As soon as I pop back over your crib, it is all smiles :)

You had a lot more purposeful interaction this month with your brother and I think you are going to give him a run for his money. I can already see that y'all are going to have a sweet connection and it makes my heart so happy. Baby boy, we love you SO much and you will never know how much you have added to our little family. I love you the whole wide world and then some sweet angel. 

And, of course, there wouldn't be a photo shoot with Connor without some outtakes. Seriously. He is a mess.

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