Friday, September 28, 2012

2 1/2 years old

I don't think I could have dreamed the changes that would occur in Connor in the first 6 months of being a big 2 year old. It's like the moment/phase you are in currently you think they are so big. And then life moves forward rather quickly and when you look back, you realize that they really weren't. They were still so little. And, for me, it kind of makes me wonder.. did I cherish it enough? I can already tell that from here on out the changes are going to be daily. It's such a bittersweet thing, because I am so thankful that he is healthy and learning the way he is, but at the same time you want them to stay your baby as long as possible. 

One of the things I have loved the most about the past 6 months is seeing his little personality blossom. He is strong-willed (with a side of stubborn), smart, loving, full of life, kind, and somewhat shy.

He is funny and loves to laugh. He likes to "do it myself" and really, there is so much he can do himself. He has the memory unlike anything I have seen, which means you better not tell him/promise him anything you don't intend on following up on. Discipline or reward. 

 He is a go-getter and if he wants something done, he will do it himself. This happens a lot while I am nursing Cade. One day he brought his sippy cup and the gallon of milk into the room for me to get him some milk because he couldn't wait until I got done to get some more. Another day I told him he couldn't wear his Superman shirt because it was dirty. He then proceeded to pull a tiny little piece of paper towel off of the roll (that was on the counter) and bring the shirt and towel into the room and tell me, "Connor's washing it, Mommy." 

He is starting to become a wee bit bossy in his old age and doesn't care for it if you don't do exactly what he says. He knows who to do it to, too. Yes, I am talking to you grandparents and aunts/uncles. ;)

While eating supper tonight he told Matt to go get him some more bread. Matt told him that he needed to eat a few more bites of spaghetti before he could do that. He followed it up with, "But, Daddy. I have to have another piece of bread." I have to is "the" phrase right now. 

His imagination is really starting to make an appearance. The cutest thing about it is the high pitch voice that accompanies it. He really is pretty good about playing by himself and I know it is good for him to do so sometimes. 

He is so curious about things and loves to learn. He asks about a million questions a day. He soaks everything in and this is one of the big ways I see his memory at work. 
sitting outside watching it start to rain.

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite thing about this time is the conversations. We can sit down/cuddle and talk and my heart just melts every time. I get tears just thinking about it. I am so blessed to be this sweet boy's mommy. 

I got a little video tonight so that I can always remember this sweet stage. Of course, he is acting a little silly, but that just goes back to the full of life characteristic I was talking about! It cut me off in the middle of it (yet, it is still 5 min long..eek), but alas I know the aforementioned grandparents and aunts/uncles will love it :)

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