Tuesday, August 14, 2012


While I was newly pregnant with Cade, Katie over at Loves of Life, started blogging about how she had started running. She was honest about her experience and really made me want to start also! :::Side note: I don't know what it is about me when I first get pregnant.. it is like that is when the desire to workout kicks in. So annoying.::: 

Anyway, the desire continued throughout my pregnancy, and I even bought some workout clothes with a Christmas gift card to Nike last December. I figured if I had some cute clothes to wear that surely that would motivate me?! Then I went and got fitted for shoes for my birthday, which was right before my 6 week clearance date. So now I had cute clothes AND running shoes that cost $130. I knew that would make me start!

 My 6 week pp appointment rolled around and I was cleared to exercise. What did I do? Met Matt at the park after work and off we went on Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I'm not going to lie and say that I felt great! I could have done more! Nope. Not this girl. In fact, it made me pretty sore and I felt a lot like I did about a week pp. I pushed through and each run got better as far as that went. Then I did something to my knee. I don't know if it was just my body getting used to running, but it was make me want to throw up, can't even walk on it, pain. SO I took the week off while we were in Florida...and came home to 110 degree temps. Which unfortunately led to about a month break. I thought about it all the time, but I just couldn't bring myself to get out there in the heat! 

One of the main reasons I knew I had to get back out there is because I am already signed up to run in the Color Run 5K in October! 
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I am pretty pumped about it. It is totally out of my comfort zone to get dirty, so I know it will be good for me! And even though I don't care to get dirty, I think this will provide some fun distractions for my first 5K! 

Knowing that my time was dwindling to get prepared for it, I told Matt that last week was the week to get started again. Thankfully, I was pretty much able to pick right back up with week 3 with no problems. It's not easy for me and I feel silly saying that I am only running for a consecutive 3 minutes, but I have faith that can change! As long as I stick with it, I know I can do it! I went by myself for the first time Saturday and I blasted my iPod and had a great time. I will say that not having my little man with me, asking questions, did make the time go a little slower :) It probably didn't help that Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden came on during my last leg. Great song, just not one to get you excited! All in all, it was great and I got home feeling pretty good about the prospect of becoming a runner. And then I saw this on Pinterest.
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 and it led me to figuring out that there is a Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World in February. And y'all. I spent all day Saturday researching it and getting more information. Then I talked to Becky (MIL/already runner), Rachel (SIL/already runner) and April (SIL/just starting) about it. AAAAANNNNNNNDDDD, it looks like we might be heading to Orlando come February!!! 

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I looked at the training schedule and it doesn't have a beginner runner starting until October, which is when I will be finishing up the 5K training, so hopefully that would give me a leg up. I absolutely know I could do it. And really? Is there a better place to do your 1st half than at Disney World?!?! The only thing that I am struggling with is the fact that I won't have my little family with me. 1) I would be at Disney World without them. 2) I will have done something pretty big and they wouldn't be there to celebrate with me. So, I haven't 100% counted them out of the plans, although I doubt it would work out for them to go. We'll see. We still all need to sit down and look at the details and see how much it would cost before we decide for sure, but I'll be sure and let you know once we decide!

April and I also decided that, in addition to a costume, we might need these shirts to get us pumped up while we are still here running all over Nashville training since we might get some odd looks in Princess getup. 

found here. of course I can't find the neon green, but I'm all over the aqua :)

Sooooo, there you have it. I am training to become a runner. I have put it out there = accountability!


the workaholic momma said...

Those color runs look like SO much fun...and a 1/2 marathon in Disney...thats really cool!!! I too would have a hard time doing this away from the fam...but you go girl with keeping up with C25k...thats awesome:)

Angie said...

still waiting for someone to come run with me over here.....just sayin! :-)

Cristin said...

Aww that's so exciting! That looks like a fun race and a great goal! I always need a goal to stay motivated. I saw that shirt on pintrest too, hilarious! Good luck, let us know if you all decide to do the big race!


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