Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet little laughs-Day 4 at the beach

Our morning routine was pretty much unchanged today. Fed Cade, fed ourselves, got my iced coffee :), sunscreamed up and out the door. It was, again, another beautiful day. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze.  About an hour after getting there, Connor tripped while walking past Cade's tent and fell on top of it and ultimately, fell on Cade. The poles bend in to a point and we were afraid that the point had jabbed him on the side of his head. He had a red spot there and a small knot, but other than that no damage done. We did go ahead and call the pediatrician and the nurse said to just watch him and make sure he wasn't acting any different. Which is easier said than done for a 2 month old! He wasn't crying, so I figured that was a good thing. Matt and I hung out under the canopy or right beside it the rest of the day just to keep an eye on him. 

When Brent and Rachel brought Rowen down today, he brought his duck tub with him and he was hysterical in it! He was straight laid back like he owned the place! Hilarious! 

Connor went on a walk with D-daddy and when they came back they both sacked out in a chair by the ocean. We covered Connor up so that the sun wouldn't get to him and they were out for a good hr or so! 

Once he woke up, he was ready to go! He was running all along the shore having a great time. 
He acquired a new love for the sport, frisbee and wanted Matt to stand about knee high in the water and throw it back and forth to him. It was so cute, because he would throw it backwards, but yet he had the right idea. I have laughed all week at how he is the only person on the beach with water shoes on. 
What's even funnier is how he actually has more sand on his feet by wearing the shoes than he would if he didn't have them on. The water got so much prettier today. The storm had made it pretty brown, but it was back to the beautiful turquoise color today. 
Cade never did really take a nap today. I was trying hard not to let it concern me :). He was never very fussy, just didn't seem to get settled enough to actually nap. When we got back up to the house, Connor went with Matt and Brent to the grocery store and Cade stayed with me. It was then that the magic of hearing your child laugh happened. (around 1:05 that it starts. just adorable smiles that I couldn't bring myself to delete before that :) )

Once the boys got back, we started cooking what was easily the best Mexican meal ever. I'm not kidding you when I say that it beat out anything I've had in a restaurant. It was a pretty collaborative effort, although the majority of the time I was feeding Cade, so I don't feel like I helped much. The main thing was that Josh made his homemade tortillas. Y'all. They are out of this world. They are thick and have the BEST flavor. My favorite thing is that you can load those puppies up and not worry about them tearing. I hate when that happens! And they don't get soggy. I hate soggy bread. We also had homemade pico de gallo, guacamole and Chuy's jalepeno sauce. AHHH heaven. We just used the leftover steak from the night before and browned some hamburger meat. It was definitely a meal we will be doing again!
Josh is in the green shirt. THE tortilla whisperer.
While Connor was waiting on his sock-a-dilla (what he calls quesadillas) he pulled a chair from the kitchen into the living room to watch a movie. He looked so big to me. I can't believe how fast he is growing up and I don't think I'll ever get used to it!

He didn't know I was taking a picture of him at first, but once he did he cheesed it up for me...while continuing to look at the TV, of course. 

After supper, D-daddy and Connor went out to the pool to go "fishing". Connor has been obsessed with fishing ever since we went out on the boat and anything that is long and skinny turns into a fishing pole. Two things about this video. 1) "I not know" is his answer to everything right now. 2) Pay close attention to around :55 and 1:06, which is when he tries to pronounce la luna. Makes me laugh every single time!

After we got the kids to bed we played a game that was a lot like Cranium. It was so much fun, but I can't remember what it was called. With 10 adults, we have the perfect group for playing games! Thanks to April and Josh for providing all of them! 

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the workaholic momma said...

aawww...nothing sweeter than little Cade's laugh:) I'm glad all is well with the tent incident:) And can I just day...connor looks SO grown...he really looks like a little man...too cute:)


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