Saturday, July 7, 2012

Naps ON the beach?!?!-Day 3

We woke up this morning and it was beautiful again! I am being spoiled by breakfast this week. It's nothing extraordinary, just things I never buy for myself. I have had bagels and a plate full of fresh fruit every morning so far! Yum! We decided to head down to the beach as soon as we got done eating (and all "sun screamed" up as Connor calls it.). I figured I'd just let Cade take his naps in his tent. I was a little worried that he was getting hot, so I pulled his little outfit down. He is getting so big. They get so big so fast!

I brought Connor's bat with us today. I figured he would enjoy playing a little baseball. 
He didn't spend too much time playing... he would rather just be in the water. I figure I only have a couple more years of relaxing beach time left, because it won't be long that he is going to want to go out there by himself and I'll be sitting there a nervous wreck!
Before we left for the trip, I saw a pin on Pinterest about baby powder getting the sand off of you easily. I decided to try it out. It worked wonderfully! It was nice to have it for Cade, since I didn't want it getting in his mouth (and that is straight where his hands go right now!) and nice for Connor when he freaked out ;). HA! Needless to say, it will be a staple in my beach bag from here on out. 

After a couple of hours of hard playing, we could tell Connor was getting tired. Last year when we tried to get him to take a nap, it was a disaster. I figured we would just play it by ear this year. He is old enough that he can survive without a nap (although on those days I'm not sure I will..ha!), but he must have been exhausted because he laid down on a pool float and passed out! BeBe laid down with him to make sure he didn't roll off. He would have absolutely died if he had rolled off and into the sand!

D-Daddy must have been bored while Connor slept, so he took to building an airplane for him. 

I have to say, he is quite the architect ;)
Connor woke up at one point and pitifully started calling out for me. When I picked him up, he went right back to sleep. Made my day. I was on the beach with my sweet boy asleep, cuddled up against me. Nowhere else I'd rather be! 
Cade did great all day. He would nap and then wake up just as happy as can be. So happy that I felt bad for leaving him in there by himself! That momma guilt can get to you!

After a couple of days of warmer weather, the pool was finally warm enough to swim in. Connor had a BLAST! All he wanted to do was jump in. I was so proud of him!

While big brother was putting on a show, Cade had his own show going on. He was showing off that sweet smile!

Since we weren't able to grill the steaks and shrimp on Sunday night, we grilled them tonight. They were so good! Nothing beats fresh seafood! Billy and Becky had to go pick up Kyle and Libby from the airport in Panama City Beach, so we just hung around reading our books and watching TV until it was time to go to bed. It's amazing how much reading you can get done when you don't have a house to clean!!

First full day on the beach was a huge success, but honestly it would take a lot for it to be bad on the beach!!

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