Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not your dream beach day: Day 2; Embrace the Camera

I am going to share our 2nd day at the beach today and link up with the anderson crew for embrace the camera.

We knew that there was a large possibility that Tropical Storm Debby was going to put a little kink in our beach time this week. It definitely did today. It rained all day long! I was determined not to get down about it because I knew we were incredibly blessed just to be there! No house to clean, just time to relax and enjoy our family. 

Connor spent the majority of the morning jumping around on the couch and watching movies. I didn't bring a ton of toys with us, but thankfully the house had a few toys already there that he could play with. Even with all of that, he still chose to free fall on the couch. This boy is not a dare devil by any means, but loves to jump on couches and beds!

 After Connor woke up from his nap, I could tell he was getting a little restless. I decided to throw caution to the wind and go play in the rain. I wasn't sure how Connor would feel about it, but he had a great time! 

 I would chase him around and he would just squeal like a little girl! It was not raining very hard, but enough to get us pretty damp.

 I love hearing those big belly laughs!
 He wanted to go get in the pool, but it was actually pretty chilly outside with all the rain we had been getting. We opted for the next best thing...the big whirlpool, or the inside pool as Connor called it. He loved the jets! 
 No one knew that we had gotten in there with them, so when they came upstairs they all just died laughing (probably at us, but that's ok! ha!) Sweet little Cade slept through the whole ordeal. Sweet boy. I could stare at sleeping babies all day long!
 My sister in law, Rachel, turned 30 in the middle of June, so we had planned on celebrating her birthday by grilling steaks and shrimp. I had great plans to decorate the gazebo outside with all of these decorations and some balloons. The weather kind of changed all that, so I was limited to the fireplace for decorating. We had spaghetti instead of grilling. April had made an amazing strawberry cake. Just thinking about it makes me want another slice! 
 That night we played Loaded Questions. It was hilarious! I forgot just how much I loved to play games and this one is easily one of my favorites! 

We looked up the weather before bed and it was about a 90% chance of rain, so we didn't think that we'd be seeing the beach again. But, my usually somewhat negative, husband reminded us that there was that 10% chance that it wouldn't rain. Thankfully, God decides the weather and not the weathermen ;) Day 3 at the BEACH coming up next!

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