Friday, July 6, 2012

The Good Lord Provideth: Day 3

 I told Matt before we went to bed that night that I was pretty sure it was going to be another rainy day today. We woke up this morning and the good Lord proved me wrong. Ask and you shall receive! The sunlight shining through the slats of the blinds had never made me so happy. It apparently made little man happy as well. Brother smiles all the time and he spared no time showing it off to everyone this week. 

I, on the other hand, spared no time in pouring me a big glass of iced coffee goodness. I mixed a little Bailey's Toffee Almond Cream in with it (non-alcoholic, of course) and it was divine. Pioneer Woman has no idea what she has brought to the lives of coffee lovers world wide ;)

The sun was actually going in and out, but I knew I wanted to go as long as it wasn't raining. While Cade napped, we got everything ready to go. Connor was super excited and kept saying, "Where's the beach?" over and over. 
While I was a little nervous about taking a trip to the beach with a newborn, I was also excited because they are so much more flexible when it comes to their schedule. They can pretty much sleep anywhere, so I took advantage of it :) 
As soon as we got there, we dipped baby Cade's toes in the sand so that he could officially say those adorable Tennessee toes had been in the white sandy beaches :)
We quickly got him under the tent, which has been the best consignment sale buy to date! 
Connor was pretty quick to build sandcastles with Aunt April and Uncle Josh. He was more of a director seeing how he doesn't much care for getting his hands dirty. Silly boy!
Matt took him down to the water and he did much better today. He was pretty intimidated by it yesterday, but was all about splashing today. Which is a good thing, because it would have been a long week if he hadn't!

We went back to the house to eat lunch and once we got the boys down, BeBe offered to watch them while Matt and I went back down. We stayed for about an hour or so and read our books. I wasn't very smart and didn't grab any sunscreen. I regretted it pretty much as soon as I got out of the shower. They always say you can still get burnt when it is cloudy. They were right. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad, but enough to make my skin a little tender. 

I gave Cade a bath in the sink and he was a huge fan. He smiled and coo'ed the entire time! 

I asked Rachel what Rowen was wearing and since he was wearing a jon jon with a crab, I put my boys in their crab shirts by Pumpkin Butter Kids She made Connor's shorts, too! I am cracking up at the pictures of Connor kissing Rowen and Cade. He is SUCH a little lover boy! He really took an interest to Rowen this week. It was so sweet, although keeping out of people's personal space is not high on his list. Rowen would even grab his hair and Connor loved it! So much so that he would walk up to Rowen and put his head down so that he could grab it! Ha! 
Those 3 are going to be a handful here pretty soon! I can't wait to see what all they get into!

BeBe and D-daddy with their grandbabies. They went from 0 to 3 in 2 years. If it were up to D-daddy he'd have us become the next Duggars ;)

One of Cade's fussy moments in the day are between 4 and 6. I was so nervous about him being fussy all week, but I think having so many people there to talk to him really helped. He loves for people to talk to him!

After the boys' photoshoot, we headed out to eat at, easily, my favorite restaurant in Florida, The Back Porch. 
I got Lobster stuffed Mahi-Mahi. Y'all. It was so incredibly succulent! Matt got the Captain's platter, which was grilled tuna steak, grouper and amberjack. His was good, too! Connor insisted on eating fish, but of course didn't like it. Lesson learned there, big boy! I tried them and I actually thought they were really good! The batter was perfect! Another thing I told myself before leaving on this trip was that I was going to have to get over my dislike of public nursing. I don't dislike others doing it, mind you, I have just never felt comfortable with it. Well, tonight I had to feed him just as our food came out. So, I sat at the table with that awful cover over me ( to say I was tired of that thing by the end of the week would be an understatement) and eat my food all while trying to hold him and keep him latched on. I feel like it actually went really well and it made me eat my food at a slower pace. Maybe I should do that at every meal! HA! 

After he ate, he was as happy as a clam and stared his little mouse down. He would go from staring at it to laughing at it. He even had the table behind us laughing! I was so proud of how well he did. First night out: SUCCESS!!

Connor did pretty well, too. We were able to distract him, so that is all that matters! Once we got home and got the littles to bed, all of us big kids (minus the loser, Matt ;) ) walked to Brewster's to get some ice cream. I got a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cone and it was delish. I enjoyed walking through the neighborhoods. Affirmed that I would, indeed, love to live in Florida someday! 

So while I wasn't being the "negative" one, I was trying to be the "realistic" one and thankfully I was wrong (Matt is sitting next to me and told me to say that he was right. YOU WERE RIGHT, HONEY. In this case, you being right benefited me!!) We had a beautiful day!


Katie said...

I love the back porch! It is a must-see (eat) when we go to destin. Cade's bath pics are so cute!

Ashley E. said...

So many things to comment on!!!!!!

1. That is awesome that the storm passed and y'all got a beach day!
2. That iced coffee is the bomb and I need to try it with that creamer!
3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys in their shirts!!!!!!!!!
4. I'm insanely jealous that y'all ate at the back porch and had amberjack. That's my favorite! :)

Holli said...

I love that you found that beach tent at a consignment store. I'm pretty sure at least half of what we own is resale or consignment. Looks like you had a great vacation.


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