Thursday, July 12, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Last week, while my brother was here, we decided to go to the zoo. It had rained the day before, cooling it down a little bit, so we figured there was no better time! 

I have really taken the link up, Embrace the camera, to heart, and embraced I did! Nasty hair and all! Oh well, I can't go giving my children false memories now can I? ;)

I let Connor tell us where he wanted to go and I was shocked when he said he wanted to ride the carousel. He hasn't always been the biggest fan. My little boy is starting to become a little more brave :)

Afterwards, we went to the "gee-raff-ee's" and "el-sants". The elephants were right by a pool, which is right by the fence. I didn't think Connor was ever going to want to leave. They were HUGE and were sucking the water into their trunk and then pouring it all over their bodies. I felt so sorry for them, because it was still some kind of hot, even with it being 10 degrees cooler than the week before.

Afterwards, he chose to ride the train, so I sent Uncle Lance with him so little man could get a nap in. I took about 20 pictures of those sweet cheeks and lips.

This was actually taken as soon as we got there. I thought his arm around Lance's neck was so sweet.

After the train, I decided I just couldn't stand much more of the heat and we made our way to the exit. On the way, we stopped by the alligators because they have a fan in there! ha! 

When we got home, Cade was pretty fussy the rest of the afternoon, so I spent the majority of it in his room rocking him. Connor wanted to "rock us", so he climbed up there, too. I love cuddling with both of them at the same time!!

 I had to throw this picture in, because once Matt got home he picked the garden and got two zucchini's this size. I had to bribe Connor with gummies to take this picture... he didn't want to touch it because it was dirty! HA! 

I kind of felt bad for Lance because, besides going to the zoo, we were pretty boring to be around. We had just gotten back from Florida and Cade was a little off and I felt a little strange, too. It wasn't bad, just tired and a little pain in my breasts and huge pain when he would eat. I didn't think too much about it until I noticed that this little white spot on his lip had spread all the way across his lip and it hit me. He had thrush. We headed to the doctor as soon as Lance left, and that is what it was. Thankfully, we got him some medicine and the pharmacy compounded something for me and we are back to normal! 

We have big plans this weekend to have a Mommy/Daddy date with Connor and I CANNOT wait!!! Marking things off my summer bucket list, which makes this momma happy!!

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the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! what a fun day...i keep telling myself we need to take addie back to the zoo - its been almost a year and i feel like she would enjoy it SO much more this time!!! That little pic of Cade sleeping is just precious...what a cutie!!!

Holy could make a serious amount of zucchini bread with that!!! It freezes too:)


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