Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend, since Cade was being dedicated at church and it was Father's Day, I suggested that Dad and Eva come to visit us. They decided to do it and I'm so glad they did. We had a great time! They weren't able to leave Arkansas until Saturday morning, so they didn't get here until that afternoon. After feeding Cade, we all headed back to their hotel to go swimming in their indoor pool. I had been wanting to get Connor in a deep pool to see if his floaties would work :)

He was very excited to be in the water.. this child loves to swim! 

 He did really well. The whole time he was kicking his legs, he would say "kick, kick, kick." There were many times that we were only touching him with our fingertips, but he since the floaties were holding him up , he thought we were. They are still a little big, but it's nice that he will grow into them.

Little man was not as excited about swimming. He didn't have a very good day yesterday, crying most of it.

 Connor continued to swim and play games with Papaw and Mrs. Eva. He even started jumping off the side, but only after he threw all his toys in. We tried to get him to jump without throwing them in, but no siree. He had a mission.

 Finally, Cade gave into the warm room and was OUT. It gave me time to get in the pool for a little bit and swim with Connor. I had to take a picture of the way Cade sleeps first. I love that he is completely stretched out.

For supper, we went to a local restaurant that has BBQ/Burgers and such and the best ice cream. While we waited for our food Connor went fishing in the boat. He is obsessed with fishing and boats right now. Don't you love his glasses?!
 This morning was going pretty smoothly. I had lunch already in the oven, the side dishes in the fridge ready to be put in the oven and dessert already made. Got the kids dressed pretty easily and out we went. A few minutes late, but nothing out of the norm! We get to the church and as I am getting Cade out of his carseat I noticed that the worst thing that could have happened, had happened. He had pooped and it had leaked out of the side of his diaper and went up his back. In a white smocked bubble. And I had nothing else to change him into. And we had to go onstage. Thankfully, I had a burp cloth and I just covered it up and went on (after cleaning it the best I could with a wipe, of course). I was a little nervous about how he would do seeing how he hasn't been the happiest of babies lately. Thankfully he was an angel...until we sat down. Then he got fussy didn't stop until we got home. I about joined him a couple of times. I just hate that he cries so much! It is a hard, hard thing to handle as a mommy! With that said, we got home and I fed him and he gave us a few minutes of those sweet smiles before his nap.

I had the honor of cooking lunch for Matt, my dad and my father in law for their day. Matt chose a PW meal all around. Sweet and Spicy pulled pork, green bean casserole, squash (out of our garden...what, what?!) and chocolate cake. It was all super easy and pretty good! I love PW!

It was a wonderful day celebrating some of the most important men in my life. Connor and Cade are SO extremely blessed with some grandfathers that are over the moon in love with them! I grew up with my Daddy telling me he loved me "The whole wide world and then some" and I am so happy I have passed that on to my boys. Connor says it every night and I love it!

And then there is this sweet daddy. My man. Oh, how I love to see him with our children. There is not another person in the world that I would rather tackle this job of parenthood with. He knows just when to step in when I am about to reach my breaking point and reinforces me when he knows I need back up. He can laugh at me and make me laugh when we both need it most. I can honestly say that the two days that I saw him become "Daddy" are right up there with the day we got married. NOTHING like seeing your man with your babies.

I truly believe that parents need to split the discipline evenly and I am so thankful that he does. But, he can also be silly and I love that so much, too. 

He can be so creative and goofy with Connor and those are the moments I will cherish forever and I know our boys will, too. 

I am so unbelievably grateful for all the loving, spiritual men that are in our boys' lives. It takes a village to raise a child, and I sure do love the people in ours!

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