Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer style

What a summer to be in the post partum baby belly stage! I am in love with all of the styles right now.. mainly coral, as you will soon see! My friend, Chesley, has my back and has informed me that the Gap outlet has some coral shorts for $12 right now. As soon as Cade wakes up, we will be heading to check them out! While I won't pay full price for a pair of shorts that I hopefully won't be able to wear next summer, I will pay $12!

Here are a few things that catch my eye every single time I see them on Pinterest. 

I love these necklaces! Would add a lot to a simple dress and a pop of soft color if needed.

I think I like this dress because the stripes hit at the right spot. Of course, it is sold out!"> via

Of course, I don't know where these shorts came from, but I love them. I'd take the watch, tan, and skinny legs, too!! HA!

Not sure where these pants are from either, but I love this whole outfit. I actually think pretty much everything Lauren Conrad wears is cute. Once again, I'll take the skinny legs!

Not sure where I would wear this dress, except for church, I guess. Either way, I think it is super cute!
I love the lace top. Not as crazy about the hue of shorts, but still in the coral family :). The flip flops and bracelets are actually affordable. 
I thought this watch, being from Antrhopologie would be expensive, but it is actually only $58 and comes in 4 different colors! This seafoam green is my fav.

Of course, this dress is sold out, too. 

I adore this ring. Too bad I don't have $900 laying around to get it ;)

I'm pretty sure I would be tempted to wear this outfit once a week if I had it. Love it down to the earrings!

I apparently liked these so much I pinned them twice on Pinterest :)

Shirt and shoes, please! 

Sigh. Hopefully, the colored jeans will still be in style next spring/summer! 

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