Thursday, June 14, 2012


Growing up, Summer meant so many different things. It meant NO SCHOOL!!!, sleeping in. Days at the ballpark (being the best shortstop player around ;) Isn't that right, honey?!) , pool days, and going to the lake to name a few. 

As I got older it didn't change much. You might add in some work days and laying out on the roof on the days I didn't go to the pool. ::::did anyone else lay out on their roof? I don't know how I stood the heat. I definitely couldn't do that now!:::: Once I got into college, it pretty much meant work and trips to Tennessee to see my lover boy ;) Now, though? Summer means so much more to me. 

I get to listen to little giggles as he splashes around in our little pool. 

I get to see him enjoy the quintessential summer popsicle. 

I get to hear sweet coos as the wind blows across those chubby cheeks. 

I get to see sweet toddler toes running through the grass to get his balls.
If you know Connor, you know this is a HUGE deal!!!!! He even walked back to the house barefooted, but LOST IT  once we got to the gravel. Not because it hurt, mind you, but because they were DIIIIIRTY, MOMMY! HA!

I have visions of us running through the sprinkler together and eventually falling onto the ground in a heap of laughter. Riding around the lake on a boat as a family...only stopping to eat or jump in for a quick swim. Hosting cookouts for friends and family and the kids not wanting to leave because they are having so much fun. Chasing lightning bugs and putting them in a jar to see all of them before letting them go. I know it won't be long before summer means something different for my boys, so I plan on taking advantage of every moment I have! 

 What does summer mean to you?

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