Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Linking up with Tami again on this beautiful Monday!
We had a much more active weekend this weekend, which was very welcomed by me! I was getting a little..umm..bored?!?!? Which, let me tell you, is not because I'm not busy. My boys keep me on my toes! 

Friday night was my first night with them by myself. Matt had an opportunity to go to the hockey game and I really wanted him to be able to do that. I really wasn't that worried about putting them down to sleep. I figured the more confident I was, the less likely it would become a disaster ;) Well, I was WRONG! When it came time to put Connor down for bed, he screamed and held onto me for dear life. After 30 minutes of trying to talk him into laying down, Cade started crying. I just couldn't leave Connor in his bed, so off we went to rock Cade. I rocked both boys and sang the infamous cross song and this was the first time I cried. But those were tears of absolute joy. Here I had my littlest boy swaddled up against my chest and I had my big boy cuddled up against me and he slipped his little hand into mine and held on so tight. I felt like Cade was probably settled, so I put him into his crib and tried to go get Connor down. 30 more minutes later I realized it was fruitless as Cade started crying again. I had to just leave him in there to go feed Cade. And he SCREAMED for 30 minutes. It. was. awful. He was saying things like "Hold you, Mommy", "Whole wide world and then some, Mommy" I love you, too, Mommy". And that was the 2nd time I cried, but this time I was hurting for him. I hated leaving him in there, but there wasn't much I could do. He finally just quit and laid down and I didn't hear another peep from him for the rest of the night. So, although it took me a while to get them down (2 hours to be exact), I was glad to still be able to fall into the bed at 9 and go to sleep myself! 

Saturday I had a shower for Cade that was thrown by two of my sweet friends, Angie and Chesley. Of course, I didn't have my camera, but can't wait to share the pictures with you once I get some from Chesley. Everything was absolutely perfect and I am so humbled by the effort put forth and everyone coming to welcome Cade! Chesley had some pictures printed off of Cade (and one was even of me with Connor and Cade that I LOVE) as decorations and I seriously cried when I saw them. I can't wait to show it to y'all after I hopefully get it framed this weekend. I told her it was seriously my heart on that canvas and it really is! 

We got home and I got everything unloaded. I was so excited to show Matt all the great stuff he had gotten! Before long, it was time to load up and go to a birthday party for a little boy from church that is a year old than Connor. Once again, I forgot my camera. I guess I am going to have to put my little camera in the diaper bag so I will always have a backup! They had ponies there and Matt and I talked about what the chances were Connor would ride one. I said 0% and I was right. He wanted to pet them, but wouldn't even entertain the thought of riding them. 

He once again screamed when we put him down for the night. This time he only cried for a minute or so once we shut the door. Little brother had a little party in the middle of the night and apparently, I am the only one who got the invite. While trying to get him back to sleep, I just kept visualizing him on that huge hospital bed because we couldn't get him to wake up! It helped me avoid the "I am so tired I might fall over" thoughts running through my head! 

Sunday morning Connor went to church with BeBe and D-daddy while we stayed home. We are going back to church next week and I cannot wait. I have missed it a lot! Unfortunately, Matt's sweet great grandmother (who was 102!!!) passed away Thursday night and the funeral was Sunday. Matt went while we stayed home. I hated to miss it, but I just knew I would have a hard time controlling two by myself.  That afternoon, Connor and I headed out to the playground. I figured out the monitor will reach out there, which is nice. Yes, we went redneck style for little man with no pants!

 As much as I love the sweet cuddly newborn, I love those chubby toddler legs as well!!!
 He said he was calling MiMi and Gammie. He knows who to milk, that is for sure ;)

I took some videos of Connor because I just love to hear him talk right now. It is the sweetest little voice! This video is 6 mintues long, which means it is definitely only for family. I know y'all don't have any desire to watch a regular video for that long! HA!  

And here is another video of Connor reading his Lion King book. 

Love the shout out that Uncle Brent gets at the end of that one! 

He still screamed when we put him down last night, but he stopped as soon as we shut the door. I told Matt that I just hate that the last interaction I have with him is of me walking out the door while he is crying. I feel like he thinks I am abandoning him! Worst feeling, ever! As of right now, we are just going to keep him in his crib. If he is still doing it at the end of the week, we will re-evaluate and think about a toddler bed. Decisions, decisions!

Hope y'all had a good weekend!!

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the workaholic momma said...

YAY for surviving your first night alone with both boys!!! I am so scared of being able to handle 2 but it sounds like you had it completely under just melts my heart to read your stories about Connor wanting his momma at night...I can totally picture Addie being the same way.

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your great grandmother - its always hard to lose a loved one...even when they lived a full life.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!


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