Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cousin fun!

Cade gave me a run for my money this morning. Nothing too bad, just wanting to be held while standing or nursing if I was sitting. Nothing not typical for a newborn, I suppose! I felt bad for Connor while I was back in his room trying to get him settled, but came up front to find that he had found a way to entertain himself. He has been trying to get in that basket for months and I kept saying no. Smart boy knew I was occupied! 

My sister in law, Rachel had asked last week if her and Rowen could come play today, so Connor woke up this morning asking for them. Aunt April came, too, so his morning was made! I was just glad for the extra adult interaction! 

Rowen is 6 months old and was so small to me until Cade was born. Now he looks so big :( He is such a sweet little thing. I got to hold him and give him his bottle and kiss on that sweet head. 

I wish I would have thought to get a video of him on the play mat. He kicks his legs so hard that he bucks himself off the floor. It's hilarious to me!
I told Rachel we were going to have to get together more often. I love that they are all pretty close in age. 
We are all going to Florida together in about 5 weeks (46 days to be exact) and I cannot wait!!! I think Connor will have so much fun with Rowen there and I will, of course, have fun watching them interact! 

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the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW...the pics of all the boys together are just precious!!!! And I totally hear you on the adult interaction...I remember being on maternity leave and being so excited to see friends and for the hubs to get home for some adult conversation)


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