Thursday, May 31, 2012

My big boy/pool time!

After nursing at 10:30 last night my sweet baby boy, at the ripe old age of 6 weeks, did not wake up again to eat until 6:15!!!!!!! I will say that Matt woke up at one point and asked if the monitor was on (which at first I actually thought he asked if we had a thermometer that worked. love how you distort things when you are sleepy!) I assured him it was and went back to sleep. When his alarm went off and I realized that I had not fed him all night, I checked the monitor and I think it was frozen. I REALLY hope that I hadn't let that sweet baby cry it out! I don't think he would have gone back to sleep, though, if he were really hungry and since our door was open, I do think we would have eventually heard him. I was glad he woke up soon after I did, because I thought I might bust at any second. I really don't even think he had to suck after those first few seconds, it just poured out! He actually went back to sleep after that and I have had a hard time keeping him awake today. Either we are going to have a long night or he is going through a growth spurt!

Before I share the start of our summer, I have to share this video of Cade during tummy time yesterday.

He does it almost every single time now! He is determined not to have any tummy time! 

Last Friday we made a quick trip to Walmart to get a few things we needed for the weekend and some pool items for the summer. Cade's carseat wouldn't fit in the buggy part, so I had to put Connor in there. He had never been in that part before, and he had a blast. The hamburger buns took the brunt of his energy! I also heard him saying "Connor eat chocolate?" and caught him just as he was opening a package of chocolate baking squares. Ha! 

It was a scorcher Friday afternoon, so I blew up his pool to test it out before all of his cousins got here. I got it for $8 at a consignment sale! Of course, he would only go down the slide once, but I'm hoping by the end of the summer he'll get more used to it.

Last summer he didn't know to ask for the pool if he wanted it out, so I have a feeling this summer that isn't going to be the case! And honestly, it is about the only way you can play outside in this heat!

Another consignment sale find was this tent. Cade loves it! It is bright and colorful, so I think that is what he likes. When he is awake, that is! When it is in the shade, it is actually pretty cool. I figured if it got too hot, I could always put a little fan in there. 

I think I had mentioned that we got our garden in a few weeks ago. It looks great! In fact, it is already about twice as big as this and it has only been a week! We have corn, green beans, zucchini, squash, green peppers, jalepenos, and tomatoes.

After I brought Cade in, I got Connor undressed before he came in since he was soaking wet. I let him in and hung his bathing suit on the chairs and once I came in this is what I found.

I really cannot get over how much he loves his little brother! I'm just glad he didn't give him a little "shower"!!!

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