Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movie in the park!

Whew! I have a lot to catch up on! Last Thursday I had reached my limit of days I could spend in the house without getting out. Cade had been pretty fussy (read: pretty much crying all the time when he was awake) and I needed to do something. What's a girl to do when she has two kiddos with her? Head to the outdoor shopping center, that's what! I tried on some clothes, looked through TJ Maxx and ended up at Target and in their dressing room for a while. I had to feed Cade while in there, and thankfully had the iPod to keep Connor occupied. Before we left, we were making some goofy faces in the mirror, so I had to try to capture some of them :)

Apparently my fish is scared. Connor's is a gangster ;)

We got home and I gave Cade a bath to try to help calm him down a little. He loves bath time. He was kicking so much that it was splashing everywhere! 
 In the summer our town shows a movie once a month in this open area by the bank that puts the whole shebang together. There were inflatable jump castles, dunk booths, face painting, balloons, and music beforehand. I think the music was a little overwhelming for Connor as he pretty much stayed glued to either Matt or I the whole time.

This cutie patootie, on the other hand, loved the music. Brother did the jig the whole time!

The birthday boy, Grant, with his balloon animal!

 Sophie with her butterfly face painting.

 Claire was trying to give Connor a hug, but stinker was in some kind of mood. I really do think the music was too much for him. Like father, like son!

 So, she moved onto his little brother, who happily obliged to getting some loving ;). Look at him looking at her!!

He was still checking her out even after her momma took him for a bit.

I'm not sure when it is going to finally hit me that this is our little family! I just still can't believe we have 2 boys!!

I tried to get a picture of them in their matching shirts and, of course, Connor had to give him a kiss first. I can't even begin to describe how much he loves his little brother!
 Connor loved the movie (Dolphin's Tale). We didn't stay the whole time, because as you can see, Cade was done! I think we might have to rent the movie later, because Connor talked about the dolphins all day the next day! 

We had such a good time! I love living in a small town that offers things like this!

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