Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Connor's last day of school/Cade's 1 mo checkup

As I mentioned a few days ago, it was Connor's last day of school for this school year. I dressed him in the same (or close to it) outfit just so you could really see how much he has grown. I almost cried when I put these two pictures beside each other. My baby is getting too big! 
He had a great first year of school. I am glad we put him in this program. He has learned so much about the bible and I loved hearing him talk about his little friends in class! He also loved his teacher. I'm not sure what he is going to think when we start in September and she isn't his teacher! 

Before the program started I told Matt that I really didn't think he would go onstage. He proved me wrong! 

Afterwards he sat with us and kissed Cade about 400 times. He is so proud of his little brother
Cade did great during the program and even stayed awake the whole time, until Mommy sat down (I was with my class the majority of the time) and got him to go to sleep.

So proud of our big boy and how well he did this year. He has already asked about going to "Mrs. Toneen's (her name is Colleen) house, so I'm thinking it is going to be a long summer! ha!

Yesterday was Cade's one month check up. I was anxious, ok.. VERY anxious, to see how much he had grown.
My goodness, he looks like his big brother in this picture! 

Needless to say, I was shocked and very pleased with everything. In 2 weeks, he had gained almost 2 lbs!!! Here are his stats at 1 month:

weight: 10 lbs 10.5 oz (75 to 90%)
length: 22 inches (50 to 75%)
head: 32 cm (50%)

I have been struggling to get him on a good feeding schedule and talked to Dr M about it. Pretty much if he gets upset about anything, his answer is to nurse. Regardless of how long ago he had just eaten. And seeing how he is such a quick nurser, I just assumed he really was hungry. Well 3 minutes later he'd be done and out like a light. Which in the end would put us off for the next feeding, resulting in me having no clue when he would be eating next. Clearly he wasn't hungry, just using it (me!) as a soothing technique. So, he told me to try to get him to find another soothing method and see if I could get him to go 3 hours. It's hard because he really does send off signals that he is absolutely ravenous! We did much better today and he only got me once ;) Of course, it was right before his nighttime feeding, which messed it up and that is the most important one (read: the one that puts him into dreamland!) Basically it all led to him becoming overtired and not able to be soothed. After 2 hours of Matt and I trying to rock him, I finally swaddled him as tight as I could and held him tightly against my chest and he was out like a light. I have noticed that he gets overtired very easily, so maybe that is the trick for him. Dr M did show me a hold to calm him down when he is fussy (which has been more often than not the past few days) and it is ah-mazing. Instant silence when you do it! You put your hand on his chest while your fingers are supporting his neck and your other hand is on his bottom and you bounce him lightly up and down. He loves it! My arms love it for about the first minute and then they are worn out. They should get some nice toning out of it, anyway! 


Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness!!! Look at those pictures from the beginning and end. That is ridiculous!!!

Janelle said...

It's razy to see home much Connor has grown since he started MDO! He's grown into his t-shirt. That was one thing I noticed about Hadley. (How big her shirt was at the beginning and now it fits. *sniff*)

Libby! said...

So glad those photos turned out! It sure was tricky! I didnt realize my giggly excited, talkative voice was being recorded!!! Haha...

What a sweet sweet memory of such a big boy! Glad we got to make it.

Love you all! -Libby

Lana Summitt said...

Love love love your baby boys! You're looking smoking hot too!! Hope to hug all your sweet necks soon!!


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