Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy followed by productive

After a longer than usual night with Cade last night, I woke up feeling like doing nothing. I knew after feeling so UNproductive yesterday that I would go into a little funk if I didn't get some things done today, so I made it a point to get up and get ready to go. While I was getting ready I heard Connor in his room reading books. I went in there to see just how big his mess was to find this:
My goodness, I love this child! He was counting all of the animals on the pages. A couple of weeks ago he put together the concept of pointing to and counting objects. I love to see him do it, but with the bowl on his head makes it so much better!

First stop was Sam's Club. When I need to order photo cards, I always go through them. So much cheaper and decent quality. I had planned it to arrive at lunch time so that we could eat pizza. Connor had the same amount I did.. TWO pieces! He loves him some pizza! 

We also got some other things while we were there and I told Matt that it is so easy to get carried away there if you don't watch it. I came thisclose to buying a HUGE bag of cranberries just because they were so cheap. Granted, we probably would have eaten them, but we didn't need them! I had two salespeople try to stop me to tell me about their products and I literally laughed both times and told them no thank you. Not in a rude way, just more to myself. But honestly? Did I really look like someone that had time to stop and talk to you about your product? 

Second stop was home! HA! While Connor went down for a nap, Cade woke up and after feeding him, I laid him down on the play mat. This was the first time I had put him on it and I think he liked it. He just kicked and hit the toys (by accident, of course) with his hands while I paid bills and wrote thank you notes. 

He loves to be propped up against the boppy so he can see more. He looked at this penguin for a good 10 minutes! 

 We joke about how strong he is, and so do people that hold him, but just look at him raising his head! 

It was nice to be able to cross some things off my list! I just feel so much better when I do! 

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the workaholic momma said...

Sams Club is the $100 club for me...I can never seem to get out of that place spending less than that...all those deals suck me in:) I'm still so amazed by how much you get out and do with both boys on your own...awesome job, momma:)


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