Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First bath!

We gave Cade his first bath as soon as we got back from Vandy (oh, you know..two weeks ago! HA!). He smelled like a hospital and I wanted that sweet baby smell back! With all that hair, he will need them more often than his big brother did :).  It was a little surreal while giving him a bath because I could see so much of his big brother in him and it felt like yesterday that I was giving Connor his first bath! 

Cade during his bath.

Connor during his bath. 
 It's so funny to me that Cade weighed 4 oz more than Connor, because Connor looks so much bigger to me! I do think that Cade seems much longer than Connor did, but we'll see!

Oh, how happy I was to see those eyes open. Such a sweet and content little man!

But it wasn't long before he got mad at me! (can you tell how his tongue is u shaped? He couldn't lift it up due to the short frenulum)

Just like his big brother did! 

But, he didn't stay mad very long. Goodness, I just love those squishy kissable cheeks!

I had pulled up a stool so that Connor could help and feel involved and he was very involved! He found out where all the paci's were and he was pretty intent that he had one!
 And would hold it in for him when he would spit it out..ha!
 Such a big boy and good helper!
 Helping mommy wash that sweet head of brown hair!
 He was very good to help when he needed to and just watch when that is what he needed to do.

All fresh and clean with that sweet baby smell!! Nothing like it in the world!

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the workaholic momma said...

I just love the comparative shots of Connor and Cade...they do look alike but Cade does look longer:) I just think its so sweet that Connor wants to help...what an awesome big brother!!!


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