Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2 weeks old!

This 2nd week of life has been a much easier week for little man...and mommy! We have gotten into a little routine and for a 2 week old, he has adapted quite well to it! Starting at 7 am, he nurses every 3 hours until 10 pm. Then it's every 3 to 4, which means he wakes up about twice in the night. For the most part, he usually goes right back to sleep after nursing. Today, for example, he didn't after eating at 4:30, but he still just laid in his bed as content as can be. I feel bad lying him down while he is awake, but I have to try to get a little more sleep before his wild older brother wakes up. He hasn't quite figured out how to fall back asleep every time. Most of the time, after an hour or so, he'll start crying because he is tired. 

Today is the first day that he has been awake and active 3 separate times. When he is, I usually lay him down and Connor and I will lay with him and talk to him. He waves his arms and moves his legs the entire time, which doesn't surprise me with how active he was in his previous home :). I always laughed at how quick and frantic like his movements felt and now I am seeing them in action!

He is so strong, which is a good thing because he is going to have to keep his brother from doing things like this to him ;).

He does great at tummy time and will just lift his little head and go back and forth and look around like it is no big deal. But, once he does it, he is done. I'm sure it wears him out! When he got his frenulum clipped last week the doctor even said he might have to get another nurse in there because Cade was pushing him away! 

He loves to be talked to and also loves to hold his hands. The only time he really cries is when he is hungry, tired or needs a diaper change. I do think he has had some gas pain or maybe even a little reflux screams today. I was so hoping that he wouldn't get acid reflux like Connor, but only time will tell, I guess. 

We go back for a weight check tomorrow, so saying big prayers that he has gained weight and I can quit thinking about it....until the next appointment of course ;)

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Tami said...

Awww- he is so precious! Good luck with the weight check. I'm sure he is right on target!


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