Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My brother, my best friend

I have been amazed at how well Connor has reacted to having a little brother. He absolutely adores him and has really been a big help! If you are at our house for any length of time, you will probably hear "here baby Cade" while he is running towards him with something...usually a paci. He does not understand why he won't take it every time. I'm not even sure how he knew that babies took paci's, but he sure thinks his brother needs one! If he won't take it immediately, he will try to force his head towards him to give it to him. We are still trying to work on the gentle part :)

I was reading Cade a book and Connor wanted to lay down with him and read it. :)
This kisses are endless, as well! In fact, I think Cade is starting to steal the majority of MY kisses!!!

The only thing we have "struggled" with is if Cade is still asleep in his crib and Connor is awake, he throws a fit until we go get him. He wants to see him at all times. He also thinks he needs to help me get him down for a nap. I had to rock both of them this morning!

Here is a video of him holding him for the first time. We had been asking him if he wanted to hold him, and up until this moment he had said no. This time he asked to hold him without us prompting him.

The way Connor would react was my biggest concern and we have been so blessed to have him do so well. Along with following the Lord and finding a good wife, him and Cade being best friends is right up there on my wishes for them, too!


Audra said...

Connor is such a proud big brother!! They are so sweet!!!

Libby! said...

Oh Oh OH I love the video and all the kisses! What a priceless video... It sure shows that sweet big brother heart of his. Reminds me of all those kisses he loved to give you when he was a baby!


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