Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sports fanatic

There are a lot of things Matt has taught Connor in his short almost *tear* two years. One of them I'm not a huge fan of (the word burp). Another, that I don't mind, is a love for sports. He likes to watch all of them, as well. It also cracks me up that he can tell, just by hearing it, which particular sport is on. His favorite, though, is playing them. I realized last night that this might be a small problem once Cade gets here. We let him throw anything that somewhat resembles a ball, hit anything that somewhat resembles a ball and kick anything that resembles a ball... in the house. I hadn't even been thinking about the fact that he won't be able to do that once Cade gets here! I guess we need to start working on that, because it is going to be quite an adjustment for him.

It has been so pretty here lately and we haven't been able to take much advantage of it. I made it a point last week to do just that. Connor was beside himself with excitement...and with the wonderful little playground D-daddy built for him, you can't really blame him!

We started off with a little basketball. I was amazed at how well he did. He was making them from 3 feet back! I was pretty impressed at that form, too!

I mean, look at that follow through!!! He is definitely MY son ;) HAHAHA!

And what is better than basketball? Basketball and football. (and might I point out my 2 year olds HUGE hands!! Those, I can attribute to his daddy ;) )
Running to give me a "five" after he would make a shot.
After basketball, we moved onto baseball. He is pretty hard on himself, though. If he didn't not hit it out of his play area, he would say "Uh-Oh" and go get it and put it back on the tee. Hopefully by the time he starts tee-ball, he'll understand that once you hit it, you aren't able to go again! ha!
I was so glad to get to spend some time with him outside. I am so ready for spring, even though I can't complain about our winter thus far! There is just nothing like birds chirping with the sun shining bright!

We are heading over to the Casto's house tonight to watch the superbowl. All of the goodies I am taking over there came from, you guessed it, Pinterest. Can't wait to see how they all turn out!! Hope y'all have a great night. Go Giants!!

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Lance said...

Now kelli, this is something you take a video of! And that form is about near perfection!


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