Thursday, February 9, 2012

HE is such a ma-ess

Lately Connor has changed the way he has communicated a little bit. First off, a few words that he previously pronounced incorrectly, he is starting to pronounce correctly. For example, he used to say "Nonnor" for his name. He is now saying "Connor", although it sometimes comes out as "Tonnor". He is also starting to say elephant instead of ne-nut. He is *sometimes* using pronouns correctly. He is stringing his words together, repeating what we say (warning to those around him!!!), but the funniest is the southern accent that has hit FULL FORCE! Matt makes fun of him and I told him that he has learned it from hearing us! He claims that it is not him and just my Arkansas accent. So be it, if that is the case! Regardless, I think it is the cutest thing ever, so I recorded some of the funnier ones.

He has really kept me on my toes recently. He has come to the conclusion that when I ask him to do something he is able to decide whether or not he really wants to do it. The other day, after he had made a mess of something, I asked him to go throw part of it away. He looked at me like he was thinking about it and said, "No", and started to walk away. I said, "Connor, if you don't come throw this away right now you are going to go to timeout." He looked at me again for a few seconds and said, "Umm. Time Out!" Like those two were equal choices. I have given him some serious pops on his bottom, but I hope time out magically starts working again! I've got so much more that I want to share about my little man, but I am going to save those for his 2 year post.

Just as expected, these first 2 weeks of February have been crazy, but so far so good. Surprisingly, I feel the best I have in a few weeks pregnancy wise. I am actually 29 weeks today (that post to come this weekend), but don't feel like it at all. I am SO thankful for that. Matt and I are celebrating Valentine's Friday night and he informed me last night that he is going to run errands with me on Saturday... and that was after telling him all I had to do! Best Valentine's present EVER, if you ask me!!

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