Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playdate fun!

Monday night as we were getting Connor ready for bed, he ran out of the bathroom before I could get started brushing his teeth. He was yelling glasses as he was running, so I knew he had something in mind. When he came back, he had these on and immediately started brushing his teeth. Apparently they provide extra brushing power :)
I swear this kid never fails to make me laugh!

This morning we had the pleasure of keeping William! Connor was so excited when I told him he was coming over and was just running around in circles screaming "William! William!" We pulled his chair right up to the glass door so he could watch for him.

They had a great time together. They are really starting to interact with each other more and it was so cute to watch it.
We played hide and seek, played with Thomas, read books, colored, threw laundry into the washing machine and cheered, built tunnels and rolled cars through them (and of course, knocked them down), sang songs and hugged. Oh, were there hugs!
Connor is usually the one shying away from the hugs, but not today! At one point he was saying, "Hold you, Illiam. Hold you." HA! He also got on the riding cow that he has behind William, wrapped his arms around him and said, "Go horsey!" To say he enjoyed him being here would be an understatement!
They played so well together that I was able to get all of my laundry done (well minus being folded, but I never do that immediately..ha!) in the matter of 4 hours! That never happens around here! Speaking of laundry, I have gotten off of my cleaning schedule completely lately and I have got to get back on it...especially with Cade being here so soon. I want it to start feeling like a routine again, because otherwise I spend so much time on it. And that is time that is going to be sparse soon. I have said recently that I feel like all I do is clean the house, and I know a lot of that has been because of working on the nursery, but I also know that a routine helps with that. I have pinned some really good cleaning schedules and can't wait to look at them and perfect mine even more. Is it sad that I get excited about that? I would have never dreamed that having a clean house would make me so happy! Definitely hasn't always been like that. My room was always a wreck as a teenager! Did you change once you got your own place? Or maybe, unlike me, you were always clean? If you have any good cleaning schedules, please share!!!


Angie said...

Seeing pictures of our sweet boys lovin' each other just melts my heart! LOVE THEM!

Libby! said...

My baby William and I were looking through your blog today... we scrolled down, watched the videos, etc. He LOVED the videos! He was silent just watching Connor walk around... it was so funny!

Then, in the post with William and Connor play date, he yelled, CHOO CHOO!!!!! I had no idea what he was talking about... He saw Connor holding Thomas!!

Love you all. Hope you are feeling great!


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