Monday, February 20, 2012

Party time!

Saturday morning we went to Connor's best buddies, Sophie and William's (lovingly known as Ophie and Illiam) birthday party! Their birthday is only 1 1/2 weeks apart, so Angie has their parties together and I don't blame her. Planning one party is stressful.. can you imagine doing two right after the other?! Whew!

Angie is the ultimate party planner. Matt always laughs when I tell him what we eat when we go over just for playdates.. it is always so good! This party was no different. Sophie picked out a beach theme and Angie pulled it off perfectly!

Sophie's cupcake tier.

THE cake. She used crushed vanilla wafers to make the "sand" and let me tell you.. it was INCREDIBLE!

William's cupcake tier. You can't tell because I couldn't figure out the lighting, but his scalloped circles are orange.
Everything was set up by the gym and my little man was in heaven. I'm pretty sure he only let the balls out of his hands for a total of 5 minutes the entire time.
The drink/snack station

Grant saw me taking pictures and said, "Hey, take a picture of this" and smiled. HA! Love that kid!!
Beside the drink station, she had a craft table set up with foam visors and stickers to decorate them. If Connor had it his way, he would have had a lot of stickers and a little bit of visor :)
After he got done, he wanted to wear it but didn't want to take off his hat, so this was his solution! Silly boy!
I loved seeing him with all the big kids, because it was a nice reminder that he is still little :)
Cake time! We sang to Sophie first,
and William second!
William blowing out his candle was about the cutest thing I have ever seen!
The big 2 year old with his daddy, who is also named Matt.
Daddy helping Connor dunk.
While all of the other kids were watching Sophie and William open their presents, Connor was no where to be found. Where was he? In the gym, of course. Kicking the ball. Holding the ball. At one point, I saw him in the corner holding two balls and could see him saying "jump" and then jumping.
I tried to get him to watch them, but after two seconds he asked to play and I can't quite explain to him that it is impolite to not, so I just gave up :)
Connor with the birthday boy.
With the birthday girl.
He had a great time!

In fact, he is still loving his hat :)

Angie, once again, you did a great job! The party was perfect!!!

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Angie said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for blogging it. :-) And thanks for making the cupcake toppers for me - they turned out so cute! Now onto the next BIG party!


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