Friday, February 17, 2012

Painting galore!

Last night I got to shop at the consignment sale and all my hard work paid off. I was given the option to work 40 hours and either a)shop at 10 am yesterday morning or b) shop at 3 with the other 3 shifters (18 hours) and be given a $300 gift certificate. I have always shopped at 3 in previous sales and never felt like I was really missing out on anything big, so I jumped at the chance to have my purchases paid for. I honestly didn't think I was going to spend it all and I didn't. I had THREE dollars left! HA! I got Connor some great polos, shorts, smocked outfits, a felt Elmo book, a Cars pool that has a slide and water fountain, a table and chairs for his room, some Toy Story figures and a Melissa & Doug puzzle and Noah's Ark Shape Sorter. I also got a couple of pairs of shoes, but that is the one thing I am going to have to still look for. For Cade I just got a really nice Skip Hop diaper bag and a Moby wrap. I know I could have found some stuff in the newborn section, but I didn't let myself go. I seriously think Connor wore most of the clothes that I have for Cade once, so he is set :) OH, and I also got him a UV protected tent for the summer, which I am really excited about!

Today was spent painting.. for both Connor and I. I woke up early and started painting underneath the chair rail and got half of the 1st coat done before Connor woke up. I got the rest done AND the 2nd coat during his nap. I am so so glad to be done painting! There are a few touch ups here and there, but nothing big!

Connor spent his afternoon painting, too. He is definitely entering the independent stage as "I do it" is all I heard throughout our crafty time.

Sorry buddy, but I am not going to give you a little tube of paint so you can put the lid back on! haha! He made his friends, Sophie and William, birthday cards and he was so excited about it.
But really, anything to do with Sophie and William makes him happy. He sure does love those two! In fact, he was there yesterday afternoon while I shopped and he talked about it all day today! He told me about Mrs. Angie changing his diaper, about going up the stairs, about making a mess with play dough. He had a great time and I honestly could not have shopped without Angie's help. Thanks again, Angie!
Matt went over to Kyle's house tonight to watch a big hockey game, so Connor and I were solo tonight. While I was cooking supper, I noticed it was very quiet. If you have a two year old, you know what that means.. TROUBLE! On top of that, he was in Cade's room, so I knew he could be messing with a lot he wasn't supposed to be. I went in there to check on him and he was apparently pretending to be a something in particular. I ran to get the video camera and had him re-enact it.

It astounds and cracks me up at the things he remembers and even notices! We are learning about Moses this month at school, so we are reading that story frequently at home, too. Well, in his little Bible here at home it talks about Moses being a shepherd when he grows up and he is holding a staff! Just a great reminder that little eyes are watching and REMEMBERING everything!!!!

Now that the room is finished being painted, I am off to finally put the crib together. After looking at the box for 1 1/2 months, it is time!!!

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Angie said...

Did sweet Connor also tell you all about Miss Angie having to fuss at "Ophie and Milliam" all afternoon??!! hahaha, I have to remember that he's going home and telling all my secrets! :-) We always love having that boy. He's welcome anytime! P.S. I found play-dough on my windowsill this morning! ha!


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