Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cade.Heart.Boom boom.

This morning I had my 32 week appointment to check up on Cade. Connor was very excited once I told him where we were going, and I'm pretty sure said "Cade.Heart. Boom boom" at least every 15 minutes. Sweet boy loves his brother already ;)! He was so good in the doctors office and really, he is good everywhere we go. He remembered being in there last time because he asked for his animals, which is what we played with last time. I tried to get a video of him talking about why we were there, but he was talking about his birthday party instead! I understand, buddy. That is what is constantly floating through my head, too! Connor's birthday and Cade!
After a great check up (more on that Thursday), we had quite a few errands to run. He was not excited about it, and kept asking to go home. I explained that they were all for his birthday party and he was ok with it... for the first couple of stops, that is! After that I told him we could go get some Macaroni and go to Target if he wanted to. This is the child that has asked for macaroni for breakfast, so I knew that would be a hit. I wasn't wrong. As soon as we pulled up to Panera, he recognized it and yelled out "Here it is!" Ha! You would think that we go there often, but we have only been a handful of times. I think it is just that good!

It was nice to be able to sit outside. The weather is beautiful!
I love my little man and when we get to spend special time together! I had a few more errands to run in the area, and by the time we got done it was well past his naptime. And let me tell you... brother is not himself when he is tired! Thankfully, he didn't hit the wall until it was time for us to leave, and after singing a couple of verses of the same song I sang to him as a baby, he was out. I hated to mess up his schedule today, but it was nice to get a lot done! Now it's time to clean this house. Guess I'll slow down when I give birth and can't move off the bed! haha!

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