Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sleepy day

This day is so gloomy and yucky! In fact, there hasn't been anything on but weather since around 8:30 this morning. It was sunny for about 20 minutes or so earlier, and we took advantage of it and opened every door and window. I just love sunshine. I can honestly say it affects my mood! Matt and I joke all the time about moving to Florida; neither one of us do winter very well!

Apparently Connor doesn't care for the gloominess either, because he was a stinker during lunch. I'm afraid I have started the bad tradition of eating sandwiches everyday, and that is all he wants. Unless it is macaroni, but I think I proved that point yesterday. For the most part, that is not a problem, as about 98% of the time we are at home for lunch. But it is frustrating when he won't eat something during lunch time that he normally gobbles up because it is not a sandwich! Today was one of those days. I had made some pasta last night that, the first time I cooked it, I could barely eat he was eating so fast. Last night he wasn't as enthusiastic, but still ate ok. I gave him the rest for lunch today and he wouldn't take one bite. In fact at one point, he was pouting and laying his head down and I thought he had fallen asleep. I told him that if he didn't eat, he was going to have to go straight to bed.

Finally after 30 minutes of him not taking one bite, we headed to bed. He wanted to rock and fell asleep immediately. I hate not giving him anything at all before nap time, but try to tell myself that 1)he is not going to starve himself and 2)If I just automatically give him what he wants he will never eat what is in front of him! I hoping that it was just because he was really tired and will eat some of it when he wakes up.

Yesterday Connor did just something else that just showed me how much he is paying attention to the little things. His new thing during diaper changes is laying one of his animals down beside him so they can get their diaper changed. Well, yesterday we had taken all of his animals out of his bed after his nap, so they were all in the living room with us when I told him we needed to change his diaper. He decided that they all needed their diaper changed and took them in there one by one. I had no idea what he was doing with them until I walked into his room and saw this:

He already had a diaper out and informed me that Ring bear was "stinky & shooey". Of course, I had to video him changing his diaper. Cracks me up!

I love that he was so focused that he wouldn't even answer my questions! I can guarantee you that had I not been in there that every single wipe would have been used.. speaking from experience!

Now I have 2 months to explain to him that it is Mommy's job to wipe Cade's face and bottom!!!

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Libby! said...

That just made Kyle and I crack up! Too funny! Thanks for sharing that...that just means he will be such a big help changing Cade!!!


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