Monday, February 27, 2012

I do it

We have definitely hit the independent stage! I hear "No, Mommy. I do it" about 57329573829 times a day. He wants to change his own diaper, even. I tell him that I would love for him to change his own diapers! ha! I'm interested to see how much this changes once Cade gets here. I'm interested to see how everything changes once Cade gets here, really!

Saturday I was cleaning our bathroom and Connor came in there and was determined to help me. Since I use Melaleuca products , which are toxin free, I felt fine with him playing with one of the bottles. I let him pretend he was spraying, because while there isn't anything in there that would harm him, I'm not going to be wasteful! If you listen real closely, you will hear him making a pretend spraying sound :)

We had a busy afternoon today. I had to go to Party City and get all of the stuff I needed for his party and printed off his invitations. It took us all afternoon and man, are my calves and feet feeling the pain! I told Matt we were going to have to call it a night early and watch The Bachelor in bed! Hope y'all had a nice weekend and good Monday!

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