Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekend trip to Papaw's

This past weekend we made a very last minute trip to Searcy to see my brother, Scott, who had never met Connor!

The trip down went well.. it was actually right at 5 1/2 hours and we had stopped for dinner for probably 45 minutes or so. And Matt was driving, so there was no speeding involved! It's just a much quicker trip than the one to Little Rock! We still didn't get there until around 10 and Connor didn't get to bed until 1045 or so. And woke up before it was light outside. I don't know exactly what time it was because I was too scared to look! HA! I put him in bed with us and he would fall asleep and then wake up saying "mommy?Mommy? MOMMY???". I don't think he knew where he was. At one point he had his head on my chest and I guess he could hear my heartbeat, because he popped his head up and said "Cade"? Loved it!

Saturday was so much fun. We started the day off with a trip to Midnight Oil to get the Mr. Blonde that cannot be replaced and came back to eat a big breakfast. We spent the morning playing until lunch time when we met Mom and Crystal, Ian and Chloe for lunch. Connor was in heaven. You could hear him all the way across the restaurant pointing everything out to Ian. He thought he was about 5 years old ;). After eating we went to the park to let them run around together. Poor Chloe just did not understand the "games" they were playing and I can't say I blame her! He talked about Kikki (what he calls Crystal), Ian and Chloe for the rest of the weekend.

After we left the park, I took him back to get a much needed nap. He fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed and I headed out to do a little browsing/shopping. I didn't expect to buy anything, but I found the cutest little frog pillow for Cade's room. I realized it was the first thing I had bought for him, which made me a bit giddy with excitement! When Connor woke up, we played while Papaw and Eva made fried deer steak, fried croppie (sp?) and french fries. Uncle Lance started this game of letting Connor throw all of his stuffed animals into his bed, us taking them out, repeat. Well, let's just say that I am starting a list of pay back for when he has kids. It is ALL he wants to do! This day wasn't any different, so I tried to build a fort thinking that he could take them in and out. Although it did not help curb the game, he did enjoy going in and hiding :)

Our supper was unbelievable. Dad makes the best deer steak ever and I don't get it often enough! Matt and I both agreed with him when he said that it was the best yet (he says that every single time!).

Sunday morning we went to the church I grew up in. It is also the church that a lot of Harding students go to. We got there right when it started and ended up sitting around a lot of said students. We ended up behind one couple that was...well... rather affectionate with each other. It started off with him rubbing his hands through her hair. Then he would rub her back. Kiss her on the forehead. Rubbed her lower back/upper buttocks while we were standing. Laid his head on her shoulder. It was RIDICULOUS!!!! After about 15 minutes into this "show" I thought to myself that I couldn't wait to get in the car and see if Matt noticed it. You see, one thing about Harding that was always a big joke between us (and I'm sure many others) were what we called "Harding couples". They were the couples that would hang out in one section of the student center and display waaaay too much physical affection for comfort. I'm sure every school had them, but Harding is all we know, so this type of couple will forever be named that. Well, when we were about 1 hr into the service I made the HUGE mistake of glancing at Matt. Apparently he had the same idea because he looked at me at the exact same time and, y'all. The look on his face sent me into a fit. It was a look that said "Is this really happening?!?!" I could not stop laughing and what was worse is that I was holding Connor (who had fallen asleep, which, sidenote: and my uncontrollable shaking woke him up. He was fussing, I looked up to see the very aggressive head massaging continuing, and could not stop laughing. Matt finally told me to either pull it together or walk around to compose myself and I finally quit and Connor went back to sleep. I'm just so glad we were in the very back and I didn't make a bigger scene. One of the funniest parts about all of this, is that we both thought they were that typical Harding couple, and come to find out they were married! I'm not saying that it would be ok either way, just a bit more surprising! Anyway, we talked about it the last hour home and I'm pretty sure Connor thought we were both nuts. We were both dying laughing, and I was crying from laughing so hard. I have a feeling we won't quit laughing about it for a while now.

We enjoyed our time at Searcy with family and friends and that spectacle definitely put the cherry on top for us!

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