Friday, January 6, 2012

So typical

So there is this thing I do when I'm pregnant. I get SO fired up thinking about all the exercise I am going to do once the baby gets here. When I was pregnant with Connor, all I could think about was starting The Shred. This time I am determined to start the Couch to 5k program (or something similar to get me to a 5k point). With The Shred, I started it about 3 or 4 different times. I would do it for a week and then, I swear, I would get sick after that first week and would never get past it. In hindsight, I think I probably shouldn't have started The Shred a mere 6 weeks after giving birth. Too hard core (which my sister in law, Rachel, told me it probably was. I promise I'll listen to you this time!! You ARE the trainer! HA!)

Another thing that has me motivated this time is the Biggest Loser. I actually paid attention to what they were doing in the gym and realized that if I did even half of it, I could probably tone up. I'm not one to care about "the" number, because I went down to 125 after Connor, but still dreaded putting on a bathing suit. It's all about a feeling for me.

The frustrating thing about feeling so motivated to actually do something while I am pregnant, is because I can't actually do anything! So, I'm hoping that by putting this on here and telling people about my plans, I will be motivated. Angie told me today that she would be my running partner, so I hope she holds me to it! I always do so much better with accountability.

I also got a gift card to Nike for Christmas and went out and spent it the next day. Because who doesn't feel more motivated with cute clothes?
I am so in love with Nike's Dri-Fit pants. I think once I am getting ready to start running, I am going to go to a store and have them watch me run to figure out what kind of shoes I need. My biggest problem is that I get terrible shin splints. Like keep me up at night shin splints. So I am hoping that will help. If anyone has any advice for shin splints, I would love to hear it!

So while everyone else is starting their new year's resolution to exercise now, I will be waiting until new mom of 2 resolution! So when June rolls around and you haven't seen me mention it (even though I don't plan on that being the case), do me a favor, will ya? Ask me about it ;)


Angie said...

whew, I have until June to be a lazy slob! haha. I WILL hold you to it b/c I need some accountability as well. Besides, I think it will be FUN to run a 5k together!

Rachel Easley said...

I wished we lived closer and then we could workout together! I love Nike workout clothes...glad you found some stuff you like.

Kelly said...

You should definitely go get fitted at Fleet Feet. It makes all the difference in the world to have the "correct" pair of shoes. No more shin splints for me!

Lance said...

Ice, ibuprofen, more ice, and even more ice haha and a shin/calf sleeve wouldn't hurt ya. And Yes good shoes is a must

the workaholic momma said...

hehe...I was the exact same way when I was preggo with Addie but it took me a while after having her to finally get with the program!!! I did Couch to 5k and really enjoyed it...looks like I'll be starting over again in the Spring as I haven't been out much now that winter is here! But...cute work-out clothes always help motivate me and I love what you picked out:)


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