Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spoke too soon

So you know how on Monday I talked about Connor getting the stomach virus and how I had not gotten it? Well. I got it. At the wonderful time of 2:30 Tuesday morning. It wasn't near as bad as last time and only lasted until 6ish. I did take a Phenegran around 4, but didn't think I kept it down since I got sick a couple more times. It must have, though, because I slept 6:30- 1:30ish Tuesday afternoon!!! I was so thankful Matt could stay home and keep Connor, because there is no way I could have done it. I used to think that pregnancy sick was worse, but I was wrong!

I felt much better this morning and in my true, 'I can do all' fashion I headed out to Sherwin Williams and the grocery store. Probably pushed it, though. I got pretty dizzy in Sherwin Williams and had to sit for a while. Which is hard to do with an almost 2 year old who just wanted to "play" as he kept saying it over and over. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone in there, so he wasn't disturbing anyone. We were there trying to figure out the perfect green for Cade's room. I'm not sure it exists.. except for in my head and in this particular picture I pinned on Pinterest. I have decided picking a paint color is the hardest thing in the world to do! And they really get you with those quart samples. I now have 3 quarts of paint and a 1/4 quart sitting in the room. Too bad they don't buy them back! HA!

One thing I meant to mention on Monday was how, overnight, Connor has been putting two to four words together and has added to his vocabulary so much. The one I hear the most is him describing something. Green chair, yellow cup, blue fork, etc. My favorite is to hear him talk about "Papaw house" :). Lance brought him a little matchbox car while we were there and every single time he picks up that car he has to tell me he got it at "Papaw House". Love it! I know before long he is going to wake up and be putting sentences together. He did say "I poo pooed" today, but I don't think I want to count that as his first sentence! ha! OH, I lied about my favorite is when he will say "love you, mommy" (or whoever else he is talking to) I was trying to get him to say it the other night and instead he said, "love you, Cade." Little stinker. Knew how to get out of that one without getting in "trouble"! He seriously is so much fun right now, but definitely keeps me on my toes. The twos are going to be interesting, I have no doubt!!!

I let him play in the bathtub a little longer today (seriously, don't know how I am going to get him out of the pool come summer. This child loves water!) and thought I'd share a little video for the relatives. Nothing extra special to the unbiased eyes, but just a glimpse into that personality that I love so much!

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