Monday, January 16, 2012

I feel ya, brother!

Man, I have missed blogging this week! I really wanted to make it a point to blog at least 5 days a week this year, but didn't want to type it out and feel like a failure after it didn't happen :). I guess, what I need to say is that I want to try to at least make a small post at least 5 days a week. After all, our world is about to change drastically and I want to capture what, I imagine, I will look back on as the easy days! ha! We had a nice weekend. We didn't do much, but got a lot accomplished. I have been a crazy woman trying to get the guest room empty to turn it into Cade's room. Being in small house, it was our room that we stored things in. It is also the consignment sale next month, which has helped make my decision making easier to sell some stuff.

Since starting to work at Connor's MDO program I have felt the housework become harder. I feel like I don't ever get caught up and told Matt last night that it is a full time job in and of itself! I do think that once the consignment sale is over (read: all the stuff I am selling will be out of my house!) and Cade's room is finished it will be much better. I haven't been frustrated with the extra work, probably because I feel like I am getting a lot accomplished.

Friday night Connor spent the night at Grandaddy and BeBe's house while Matt and I had a date and disassembled the bed in the guest room/Cade's future room. I'm so glad we did it, because it would have been a nightmare trying to do it while he was here. We went to eat at Olive Garden and, as always, it did not disappoint! We just love that place! Unfortunately, Connor woke up Saturday morning at 1:30 throwing up and threw up 3 different times. Becky said he never cried, which was such a relief to me. He quit throwing up within a couple of hours and never got sick again. Apparently a lot of kids had it this weekend from his school, so something must be going around. Billy and Becky didn't get it and I haven't gotten it, which I am SO thankful for!!

Lastly, I have to share something Connor did one night last week. I had put him down for bed, although he wasn't quite sure he was ready. He sat up and started calling for me, but before I could even get in there he did this:
He fell asleep sitting up! Sweet boy! 30 minutes later I checked the monitor to still see him like this
but he laid down immediately after that. He has never done that before, but I completely understood. I feel the same way these days!!

We have a marriage seminar going on at church these next few nights (it started yesterday) and I am so looking forward to the sessions tonight. So thankful I have a husband who is willing to go with me and learn about ways to improve our marriage! So, so blessed!!!

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Mrs. Howard said...

Oh Sweet Boy! These days I can fall asleep sitting up, leaning on something, or propped up on one arm. It's a skill I've always wished I could have...and now I'd rather just not be that tired. Hehe!


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