Friday, January 20, 2012

The sickies

My poor husband contracted the sickness yesterday. He woke up saying he didn't feel good, but Mr. Stubborn decided to drive the 40 minutes to work anyway. He got there and after 15 minutes or so headed home. Thankfully, Connor and I were at school, so he was able to rest without any interruption. As soon as we walked in we went to see Matt and Connor asked, "Mommy, hurt?" I said, "No, baby. Mommy's not hurt, but daddy's tummy hurts." He would then say, "Daddy, hurt." He probably asked me about it 5 more times that night. Sweet boy! I came home with a headache, and it wasn't getting any better, so I declared it movie afternoon. After deciding that he wanted to watch "My-mon King" and sit in his "green chair", I sat in the chair right behind him and enjoyed it as well. He loves the beginning of the movie because of all the songs and animals. He kept jumping up and turning around to make sure I was paying attention :)
He stayed in his green chair until, after a while, he asked to come sit with me. And, really, there is no denying that face!

He knows it, too, which might be a problem! He desperately needs a haircut and so does momma, so hopefully I'll get on the ball and get that scheduled soon. I really want something different (but not short.. I don't do short!), but also need someone to teach me how to style it. And maybe give me the patience to actually spend time styling it.. ha!

Oh, and I have to record this so that I won't forget. Last night when we were saying our bedtime prayers, he finished the last part of of one of the sentences for me. I always end his prayer with, "Lord, please be with Connor as he sleeps. Give him a good night's rest and keep him safe from harm", in which he said the 'from harm' part before I could. Made me so happy!! He also knows that the "middle" of the prayer is where he gets to insert his own. He often prays for D-daddy, Jake (Billy's dog) and the truck.. ha! He prayed for Santa after Christmas, and then one week prayed for Angie, Sophie, William and bed (we had gone over to their house and they played on the bed the week before). It's funny to me the things he remember and that are important to him!

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