Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Whew! As you can probably tell, these past few weekends have been crazy! It'd be easy to complain about it, but the honest truth is we are so blessed to have so much family to see and that want to see Connor us (HA!). There are too many people in this world that don't get to be around their family, or don't have any, so I try not to take my time with them for granted. It's easier said than done sometimes when we are trying to get everything scheduled out, but I felt like we did a good job this year and really did just enjoy every single event.

I did realize, however, that I have a TON of stuff to get done before baby Cade gets here! I can't believe it is already 2012! We haven't touched the room that is going to become the nursery, Connor's birthday is 2 months away (seriously, how is my baby turning 2?!?!), I am working 40 hours at the consignment sale coming up AND I'm starting to teach at Connor's school (not his class), which is 2 days a week. I have kicked it into high gear this week and have felt pretty good about my progress thus far. Thankfully, pregnancy wise, I have felt great and it hasn't slowed me done..yet. Trust me, I know my time is coming. I'm still living in the 2nd trimester bliss!!!

I started off the week getting the house cleaned up from the weekend and once Connor saw me vacuuming the floors, he flew off his bike to come "elp". I have started vacuuming because he would go nuts over the broom. Now it looks like I have lost that one, too!
I got the nursery closet all cleaned out and for the first time since we have been married, Matt and I are sharing a closet. Or I should say that I have a little space in Matt's closet! HA! BUT, it is his summer and winter clothes, so I GUESS I should give him a break.

Don't you just love a freshly bathed baby?!

I also went to Home Depot and picked up some paint samples for Cade's room. We have decided on light green walls with blue accents throughout. I can already tell green is going to be a little hard. I don't want it to be lime'ish, but I don't want it to look like an adult's room either. Connor was a big fan of the shade I found in the Mickey Mouse paint, but I think he might be a little biased.

I cleaned out the storage box above to use as my crafting box and Connor insisted on sitting in it and reading his book. Yes, I realize he is in pajama's once again, but just keeping it real. We also got his new chair in today and to say he was excited would be an understatement. He kept trying to sit in it while I was putting it together. I could tell that he had a dirty diaper, so I asked him if he wanted to change it, knowing that he would run off so I could get the chair put together! Once I did, he jumped in it faster than I could step back and said "icture?". He loves to take pictures, but only when it's his decision.

Tomorrow is my first day with the 2 year olds at school. Thankfully, I sat in on their class a few times so I know them and they'll remember me, but I am nervous about getting into the flow of things. I'm glad that I am starting after a 2 1/2 week break so maybe they won't remember every single thing that their last teacher did. I know kids that age are so used to a routine! So, please pray that I have PATIENCE, GUIDANCE, PEACE, and umm.. PATIENCE?!?! HA!

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the workaholic momma said...

Thats so cool that you're teaching at Connor's perfect!!! I LOVE that picture of Connor fresh out of the tub...his face is priceless!!!! So funny that you mention you and your hubs sharing a closet...we will be doing the same if we have baby #2 in our current home and I'm so worried about that...haha!!


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