Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My little man

It has been a while since I have just posted random facts about little man and he has changed so much that I thought I would now. He just recently turned 21 months and I just love this stage. In 3 short months he will be 2 and I'm not going to lie.. I'm struggling with it a bit. Yes, we will be welcoming a new baby a 1 1/2 months after that (hello sweet baby smells and cuddles), but I still don't want the little boy that made me a momma to continue to grow! That is why I
want to blog about all of this now.. so I will never ever forget this precious time in my life!

-We started going on some Mommy/Connor dates. I might have already mentioned this, I'm not sure, but I wanted to start doing something out of the norm before little brother gets here. I know he won't remember it just being us two, but I will! We started off going to a local donut shop called The Donut Palace. They have some awesome croissants. Mine had sausage, egg, cheese and bacon. Seriously?! I guess the bacon wasn't enough, so they had to add sausage! I still ate it and it was oh.so.good!
The next week we happened to be dropping Matt off at work and he works right by Krispy Kreme:) YUM! I took the cutest picture of him in his PJs eating at the table like a big boy, but I don't know how to download it to the computer. (little explanation on the pants... We were at Gammie's and all she had were 12 month pants. I told him he had on highwaters and he would just laugh and repeat it perfectly. Made me laugh every single time!)

The next date we had was at Panera where we got a cookie. He was a little too occupied with eating to smile for the camera :)

-Like previously mentioned, he has struggled a little bit lately with eating. Thankfully, it is starting to get better, but for a while I was doing everything I could to get him to eat. One of the things was to line his Sesame Street characters up and let him pretend to feed them. He would always end up taking a bite too :)

- He loves to dance with me in the kitchen. I'll hold him and we will act like we are dancing to the music. He will put his cheek up against mine and just laugh or smile the entire time. It is moments like that that I want to brand into my brain to remember forever. Just talking about it makes my heart swell!

-He loves to play in water. He cries when it is time to get out of the bath/shower, but really loves when I let him play with containers full of it. This particular night I was trying to get packed to go out of town and needed him to be occupied for a little while. It started off great with him pouring water from one container to another...
and somehow ended up like this. How in the world he managed to get water all the way across the kitchen I will never know!

He thought it was the coolest thing to run through the water and splash. Don't worry, I immediately stuck him in his room and cleaned it up (took SIX towels!) before he cracked his head open. He is such a boy when it comes to stuff like this. EVERYTHING turns into a mess!

-He doesn't really like to be dirty. Doesn't like stamps, doesn't like tattoos. I gave him one a few weeks ago and he cried to have it off! When he eats something like jelly or ketchup I have to wipe off his "inger" in between every bite! He might be a little OCD about his hands :)

*note. I have no idea why these are being underlined and I also have no idea how to change it.*

- He pretty much stays by my side all the time. Recently he has started playing with my make up brushes while I am putting it on. He will take one brush out, rub it up against his cheek, lay it down and get out the next one and repeat.

Notice the makeup on his cheek? He was so proud!

-I mentioned earlier that he has become quite the boy and I can attribute a lot of that to his daddy. As soon as he gets home, they immediately go to the bed and rough house. He was watching football the other day and after a particularly rough tackle he said, "Ugh. Tackle!" I told him he already knew more about football than his MiMi! HA!!

-He is a little parrot. He has started saying "goodness" after he coughs, which might be my favorite.

-He loves to be my helper. He wants to help in the grocery store (and sometimes believes he is helping by grabbing things off the shelf and throwing them in the cart when I'm not looking..ha!), when I am loading the washer (he throws in all the socks and sometimes they go over the back.. no mystery to the missing socks in this house!) and dryer, when I am vacuuming, when I am sweeping. Pretty much anything I am doing, he wants to be my "elper". When he saw me putting stamps on our Christmas cards the other day, he went nuts. I figured it was good fine motor skills practice anyway. I just hope they get delivered!

-He still wants me to "diss it" every time he gets a boo boo. And the majority of the time they aren't even real boo boos, but it is always "detter" after he gets a kiss from mommy :)

- I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE staying home with him. He lights up my life and we have so much fun! I never know what the next day will bring and that is definitely part of the fun!

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the workaholic momma said...

aahh...I just LOVE this post!!! I think its so wonderful that you are making a point to spend some extra special time with your baby boy before he becomes a big brother:) He is just too cute...and all of the stories you share just crack me up!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!


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