Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pretty perfect night

Friday night we had, what I would consider, a pretty perfect night. We didn't make the plans in advance, but it just kind of fell into place. While supper was cooking we all 3 played on the bed. Connor loves to wrestle on it with his daddy :). I love to get in there and play with them too, because I know these moments of just the 3 of us won't be as frequent come this April! BUT, baby brother must have been a little jealous, because he flipped and kicked like crazy for the longest time! It made me smile to think about how wild my household will be. We might have to get a bigger bed!

For supper we had a little shake n bake chicken (yeah, go ahead and laugh... love that stuff!) and homeade french fries. Connor loved the chicken! Finally, my boy is starting to like chicken tenders.. AND his didn't have as much of the coating on it so it wasn't as unhealthy. When we first sat down to eat Connor was not excited to quit playing, but did on the promise that Daddy gave him of watching a movie afterwards. I thought it was a FABULOUS idea!! I don't think he had a clue what a movie was, but he kept saying movie throughout dinner, so he wasn't forgetting. We had recorded The Polar Express earlier in the week, so we decided to watch that. Back to the bed we went. Lights off, movie on. He was so still for probably the first 40 minutes and then he decided to start cuddling. I lay on my side all the time now since I can't really lay on my back and I love how Connor still wants to be pressed right up against me while I do it.
One night I was just laying in the hallway like that resting after playing with him and he brought me a book and laid on me like that while I read it. I don't think I'll ever forget the moments like that!

Oh, I love this boy. He melts me every time he looks at me like this!

I wasn't sure if he would continue to watch the movie, but he did! He loved when the "waiters" brought out the hot chocolate on the train and started dancing and jumping around the bed.

Copying daddy. He loves to do this :)
I thought it was so cute that he would just be laying there and then all of a sudden get up and put his arm around Matt.
and give the occasional hug.
This is what it really looked like, which I think helped him watch the whole movie.
We have been talking about taking him to a movie, and I think this has only made us want to take him more! I told Matt that we might have to do movie night at least one Friday a month. I don't think I quit smiling the whole time. That time with my family is oh so precious to me!!! Once he gets a little older I look forward to game nights too. I'm all about some games! Let's just hope he never gets into Monopoly.. that one I could go without! HA! What are some things that you do with your family or that you remember doing growing up? I would love to stockpile some good ideas!

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Ashley E. said...

SWEET boy!!!!!! He is so precious!!!


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