Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with the Thomas'

The day before Christmas Eve Connor and I woke up bright and early to take Matt to work and head over to Gammie's house to get ready for our Christmas party with the Thomas'. While Matt was showering and getting ready I cooked some eggs for Connor because he is like his momma and wants his breakfast first thing when he wakes up :) He has become quite attached to his stuffed animal and decided he needed all of them.

We had our party that night and I so meant to take a picture of the food, but forgot! It was little finger foods, which is one of my favorite meals. Connor wouldn't eat a bite because he was too occupied with showing everyone all the cars he plays with. He had many to oblige, but he's not spoiled at all ;) Nana was one of the many to spoil play with him.

After everyone finished eating, the little kids opened their presents.

He loves his bike and has figured out how to push it with his feet and turn it around. As soon as his legs can reach, I have no doubt he'll be pedaling that around like crazy!
He had so much fun with Ashley that he has been asking about her :)
THE Thomas', Nana and Papa.
Pam had suggested that morning that we should play white elephant. We called everyone, and they were in, so we had to throw together some last minute white elephant gifts. It was so much fun and I hope it will become a tradition!

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