Monday, November 7, 2011

Practice makes perfect :)

One day last week Connor took a sudden extreme interest in his bear that he got for dressing (HA!) as a ring bearer at April and Josh's wedding. Since then he has been a pretty constant companion. It all started when he was having a rather fussy day and I was trying to distract him. I told him we were going to take the bear on a ride and try out our new stroller. He loved the idea and sat in the stroller for probably 30 minutes.
The next day we spent a rather busy afternoon with the bear. All of the activities were Connor's ideas :). He went for a ride in the stroller, which apparently caused his nose to run because Connor then suctioned his nose, he played with cars, he looked through his toy basket (it was so funny.. Connor was looking through it and realized that he didn't have the bear.. he said "bear" and got the bear and held him over the basket so he could see) and played football. He also had to get some clothes on. After that he went into his room and as I was walking by I noticed he was sitting in the rocking chair with him. He yelled "MOMMY!" and I asked him what he needed. He said "light". He was wanting to rock him to sleep! As soon as I turned off the light he started trying to rock and then apparently forgot he was supposed to read him his Bible stories, because I then heard him say "bible" and get out of the chair to get it. And then heard him explaining the pictures on the page. I just about melted on the spot!
What follows the bed time routine? Only playing in the tunnel, of course.
It has been so much fun to see him with his bear. If this is any indication, he is going to be a great and involved big brother... and I am going to have to keep a close eye on him around the baby!
And I have to end with this picture. I told him I couldn't see his smile behind the bear's head and this is what I got...
I love my silly boy!!!

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the workaholic momma said...

oh my goodness - how sweet!!! He is going to be such a wonderful big brother!!!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!!


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