Thursday, November 3, 2011

my NEPHEW!!!, baby Rowen

On Monday, Oct 24th, my sister in law called me to tell me that sweet baby Rowen was coming that day! To say I was excited would be an understatement. I had just worn my hair curly that morning to take Connor to school, so I was running around like crazy to get it fixed because there was no way I was going to let Rowen meet me like that ;). Once I got ready I picked Connor up and we were headed to the hospital! He did such a good job waiting in the waiting room and he actually made it go by pretty quickly. Not to mention that BeBe and I both got some good cuddle time while he slept on us. He had the most fun playing with the balloon we got Rowen!
Rachel had a labor that I am totally jealous of. She started contractions at 4:30 in the morning and had him by 5:30 that night. She might have to go to the hospital with her first contraction with the next one! haha

I was so excited to get to see him and after the grandparents went, we had our chance! I was so glad Libby took these for us. I had no idea she was taking them, but I will forever cherish them.

Seeing Rowen for the first time! I love Connor's face!
Holding my sweet nephew for the first time and watching him thrust that sweet tongue out. PRECIOUS!
I had a picture of Libby and Uncle Kyle with him too, but it's not on here for some reason?? (I'm not blogging from my home computer :) )
Seriously, is that not the sweetest little face?! I think baby noses are my absolute favorite!
Easley family, party of THREE!!!! Rachel just looks amazing doesn't she?
We didn't stay long because it was time for him to nurse, so I headed back up there with BeBe the next day to visit them before they went home. I got to cuddle him up on my chest and rock.. and it was wonderful. He smelled so good!
Look at how dark his hair is. I think him and Connor had about the same amount.. Connor's was just so blonde that you couldn't see it.
The newest mommies of the Kegley/Easley bunch :) Once again, Rachel looks amazing! I looked worse the day after having Connor than I did coming in.. HA!
I was just so excited and emotional all day that he was born. One, I knew that they were about to experience one of the best things in the world and I was so happy for them! Two, I knew we would be back in 6 months to have our second and I'm still a little amazed by that. Rowen and baby #2 will only be 6 months apart and Rowen and Connor are only 19 1/2 months apart. To say it is going to be wild at Grandaddy and BeBe's house is an understatement!!!! But it is a wild I wouldn't trade for the world!

Congratulations Brent and Rachel. I am so excited to share in this crazy world of parenthood with y'all. I know y'all are going to be amazing parents and that little guy is going to be so loved. His Aunt Kelli being one of them that loves him so!!!

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the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - welcome to the world, baby Rowen!!! How sweet...those pictures just melt my heart:)

Congratulations to your family!!!


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