Wednesday, November 2, 2011

April's wedding!

Almost 2 weekends ago my beautiful sister in law became a beautiful bride/wife. Their wedding was so perfect. The details.. their names were written all over it. They had pretty much done everything themselves and it all looked so good. Unfortunately, I was so busy helping set everything up that I didn't stop to take any pictures, but I'm sure the photographer did! He did have a sneak peek up that you can find here under April + Josh = The Mill at Lebanon wedding. No detail pictures, but I will share once I have some :)
Saturday morning one of Becky's best friends, Ms. Debbie, held a bridal brunch for us. Not only was the decorations beautiful, but the food was seriously delicious. In fact, now that I think about everything that was there I am getting hungry! ha
It's your wedding day!!! Doesn't it make you sick how great April looks without makeup. I don't think I'd ever wear it if I were her!!!
The table.. all so pretty!
I loved the pumpkins.. M for Moseley :)
I loved these! I told her all of her pumpkins were definitely pinterest worthy! ha
After our brunch we all headed to the venue to get it decorated. We spent all afternoon doing that until it was time for everyone to start getting ready. Seriously, wasn't April just STUNNING?!
This face just cracked me up. It is so April!
And, of course, I had to include one little snapshot of my little man in his getup! Unfortunately, he didn't walk down the aisle. In fact, he started crying as soon as I left him behind with Matt. Oh well.. he still looked cute :)
The ceremony was so moving. I could truly feel God's presence and I have no doubt their marriage will be like that. I have a feeling that even though Matt and I have been married a whooping 4 years longer (to the weekend.. we almost have the same anniversary :) ) they will teach us so much about love. I truly look up to them and their relationship and look forward to seeing what their marriage/life together holds. If Matt's wish for them comes true that will include a positive pregnancy test in a couple of weeks.. HA!
So, just to wrap up... April, I was so honored to be a part of your wedding. I am so thankful you have become a part of my life forever 4 years ago and am so proud that my children can call you Aunt. I love you.. and Josh!!

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the workaholic momma said...

This is SO sweet...and what a beautiful bride!!!

Those pumpkins are adorable too:)

Happy Thursday!


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