Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random thoughts

WHEW. Let me tell ya. This has been one heck of a week. I got back from a wonderful weekend in Gatlinburg and got SOOOO sick Sunday night. I went to bed at..wait for it...7:30 on Sunday night. Those young 'ens wore me out ;)!! Didn't feel very good Monday either and yesterday? Woke up with vertigo, which wasn't pregnancy related. I couldn't move my head without feeling like I was going to fall over. My dresser looked like it was moving around the room. It was crazy! I called Matt and told him to turn around and he took me to the dr. Something about my inner ear being inflamed which was causing the vertigo. Today I feel like a new woman. I even went to the grocery store, shopping for multiple days worth of food, for the first time in 5 weeks!!! Of course, it was senior day and I'm pretty sure every single senior in town was there. Oh, well. At least Connor got a LOT of attention :) Ok, so on to the random thoughts floating through my head...

-Is anyone watching The Biggest Loser? I don't know whether to feel sorry for Anna Kornikova or pity her team. I imagine this will be her last year as a trainer. She just doesn't have it in her. Not that I blame her. I don't think I could yell at people my grandparents' age either. I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so maybe they take a turn for the better!

-Connor got a fireman's hat Monday at school. He wears it all.the.time. Gets mad that I make him take it off to change his diaper. I'm seeing some dress up clothes in his future!! Manly dress up clothes, of course.

He loves to put on our shoes and walk around in them.

-I'm making Pioneer Woman's pot roast and mashed potatoes tonight and can't wait to eat it. I have been craving it for a while now. Does anyone watch her show on Saturday mornings? I think it's cute and everything is ridiculously yummy! If it tastes as good as it smells, I told Matt he would whisk me away immediately to renew our vows. I, Matt, take you Kelli...... And just because I know mine is going to look the exact same, here is a picture from her website

-I love being pregnant. I do not, however, love not being able to do the things I love to do. Be an active mom. Cook supper. Clean the house. Just BE. I know it will pass, but man I struggle with it! I promise this is not a complaint, just an admittance of feelings.

-Matt has been bringing home some goodies from Starbucks that has been dropped off at his work. I love their baked goods, but rarely spend the money on them. He has been able to bring a creme cheese pumpkin muffin, cake pops, doughnuts, some red velvet cookies. That is what I gave Connor one afternoon for a treat. He loved them.

-The day I got back from Gatlinburg I was so anxious for Connor to wake up from his nap. He didn't act that surprised that I was the one to get him out, but he kept doing the sweetest thing throughout the day to let me know he missed me. He would look up at me, pat my face, and just say "Mommy" in the sweetest little voice. Melt my heart!

Happy Wednesday, y'all. Hopefully I'll be back to normal posting soon!

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the workaholic momma said...

YUM...that pot roast looks amazing!!! And Connor in the fireman hat and shoes....totally prom-worthy:)


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