Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend and "no"

I have not one single picture from this weekend. We had a nice relaxing time and I have to say.. I got really spoiled having Matt around yesterday. Too bad we both can't be stay at home parents :). I was trying to think about my favorite part about him being here. It wasn't because of the extra help, even though that is nice. It wasn't because of the adult conversation, even though that was also nice. It was just because it was him and I happen to like him. A lot! It has been drizzling/raining pretty heavily almost non stop since Sunday afternoon, so Connor and I haven't left the house since then. I am going to have to find somewhere to go tomorrow or I might go a little stir crazy!

I had mentioned a few days ago about maybe making Oreo cupcakes for our family get together. I did, and they were SO good. They are even better if you put them in the fridge. Oh how I love Pinterest and the extra lbs it is adding to my 5'7" frame!!!

Recently Connor has started answering our questions with either a "yes" or "no". More than often, it is no and that is probably because Matt and I love to hear it. We will ask him the same question over and over again just to hear it. He puckers his little lips, ducks his head and lets out the sweetest little "no" I think there is (I'm not biased at all..ha!). One night last week we were outside and I was so excited that I got it on camera.

And then decided to come inside and get it on video. It's long and very repetitive, but I know there are some grandparents and great grandparents that will enjoy. Funny side story. At one point I asked him if he wants to go poopy on the potty and you hear him say "d daddy", which is what he calls his grandaddy. The night before Billy (his grandaddy) was over and I could tell Connor was trying to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted to go, but he was very persistant that Billy go with him and sit on the big potty (obviously clothed) while he sat on his potty. It must have meant a lot to him because he still responds with "d daddy" when I ask him if he wants to go to the potty. HA! The things kids remember!

I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday.. I love short weeks!!

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the norman family said...

that video is just PRECIOUS! i love sweet baby voices. james was watching with me and just told connor bye bye and now he is sad. too cute. :)


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